I think I'm caving and need help

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  1. each time I see a pic of the natural I like it more and more. Are the light leathers hard to keep nice looking??? Also, GH or not????? Another day, or city???

    Here are a couple of pics I "borrowed"
    natural.jpg naturalgiant.jpg
  2. city! because i'm scared if you pick a day, the color will transfer in time...like dark jeans etc...no gh!

    you would def need to care for light color bags more...but i think it's worth it if you like it.
  3. definitely the GH on that natural - gorgeous
  4. I think the city would be an excellent choice. Just a little TLC goes a long way with light colored Bbags!
  5. City old hw
  6. well, as you know, i am a bit biased on this one...City with old hw!!!
    i love mine and i'm sure you'll love yours too, which ever style you get
  7. I am afraid of the light colors. It has more to do with my lifestyle - I would be paranoid taking it around my kids. I do think it is a beautiful color though.
  8. okay is it gonna turn yellow ?
  9. Lovely! Did your Bob Ellis situation ever got resolved?
  10. City in regular hardware, so gorgeous.
  11. City in regular hardware here too!
  12. yes, thanks!
  13. The day with GH is just stunning. I like the GH on light colored day style. I wish I can do light colored bbag *sigh*.