I Think I'm Being Lulled to the Large Side!!!

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  1. Well, my very first speedy was a Damier Azur 30. But my things just floated around in it so every time I was ready to carry it, I'd end up putting it back on the shelf. But of course, it was too beautiful to just sit and admire so one weekend I took it for a spin. It was then that I came to the conclusion that I needed a 25. So I sold it on eBay and bought myself a 25. It fit all my things perfectly. I soon had 3 Speedy 25's. An Epi, and also the Ebone Damier in addition to my Azur. I don't know what happened but I started adding little things and it started to feel like my Speedy's were stuffed! It was almost like they were shrinking before my eyes!! :wtf: So I'm in the process of selling my Epi 25 and my Ebone Damier 25 and have bought an Ebone Damier 30. This time around it doesn't feel so big. Why is that? :shrugs: I still think I'll keep my Azur in 25. I don't carry it as often since it's so light and find that when I do I don't necessarily carry the whole kit n kaboodle with me. Two weeks ago I was in LV and a lady walked in with a gorgeously patina'd, saggy speedy 40. We were almost the same in height and size and it didn't look huge on her at all!!! I'm not one to approach strangers but I just had to complement her on it (I also asked the size as I wasn't sure if it was a 35 or 40). So I although I think I'm good for now with my Ebone 30 and my Azur 25.....I think maybe one day I'll sell the 25 and get a 30 (which is dumb cause I started out with a 30!). I even think it'd be nice to get a pre-loved 35 for travelling and what-not. Am I the only one this has happened to? Did anyone else start out with a 25 and end up going to 30's?
  2. Since I got my mono 35, Ive been neglecting my damier 25 and gave my mini lin 30 to my sister. Really love the look of a big and saggy speedy! I'ld say go get that 35!:yahoo:Here's mine to enable you LOL...:graucho:
    speedy 35.JPG
  3. my first speedy was a mono 25 my next speedy was a limited edition and only came in a 30 I like both sizes but there is a different look with a 30 I think if I was buying another speedy that came in both sizes I'd go for the 30
  4. I love the 30 size. It is perfect for me.
  5. That 35 looks great on you Solitude! Yeah, I'll definitely have to put that on my list for '08!
  6. 30 is my favorite
  7. Thanks! Been getting compliments with it more than my damier 25, and the mono 25 which I sold early this year.
  8. Solitude--- your 35 looks so hot!! love it.... I think just being in this thread is lulling me to the large side :smile:
  9. 30 is a good size
  10. Thanks!!! The 35 rocks!:rochard:
  11. I have done the same thing. I love the 25, but it is a tad too small for me. It fits all of my stuff, but I do prefer the 30!