I Think I'm Being Lulled to the Large Side!!!


The K Is Silent
Apr 23, 2007
Boringsville, USA
Well, my very first speedy was a Damier Azur 30. But my things just floated around in it so every time I was ready to carry it, I'd end up putting it back on the shelf. But of course, it was too beautiful to just sit and admire so one weekend I took it for a spin. It was then that I came to the conclusion that I needed a 25. So I sold it on Ebay and bought myself a 25. It fit all my things perfectly. I soon had 3 Speedy 25's. An Epi, and also the Ebone Damier in addition to my Azur. I don't know what happened but I started adding little things and it started to feel like my Speedy's were stuffed! It was almost like they were shrinking before my eyes!! :wtf: So I'm in the process of selling my Epi 25 and my Ebone Damier 25 and have bought an Ebone Damier 30. This time around it doesn't feel so big. Why is that? :shrugs: I still think I'll keep my Azur in 25. I don't carry it as often since it's so light and find that when I do I don't necessarily carry the whole kit n kaboodle with me. Two weeks ago I was in LV and a lady walked in with a gorgeously patina'd, saggy speedy 40. We were almost the same in height and size and it didn't look huge on her at all!!! I'm not one to approach strangers but I just had to complement her on it (I also asked the size as I wasn't sure if it was a 35 or 40). So I although I think I'm good for now with my Ebone 30 and my Azur 25.....I think maybe one day I'll sell the 25 and get a 30 (which is dumb cause I started out with a 30!). I even think it'd be nice to get a pre-loved 35 for travelling and what-not. Am I the only one this has happened to? Did anyone else start out with a 25 and end up going to 30's?


Bling and Beyond
Sep 23, 2007
Since I got my mono 35, Ive been neglecting my damier 25 and gave my mini lin 30 to my sister. Really love the look of a big and saggy speedy! I'ld say go get that 35!:yahoo:Here's mine to enable you LOL...:graucho:



Lovin My Little Girl
May 23, 2007
I have done the same thing. I love the 25, but it is a tad too small for me. It fits all of my stuff, but I do prefer the 30!