I think I'm back on the BBag wagon!

  1. I fell in love with Balenciaga back in June of this year. Started myself off with a Navy Whistle and a Plomb First


    I then proceded to buy a Black City sight unseen. Unfortunately, the bag had some defects on it and I had to send it back. To make things worse, My pomb first had started to fade on one side just after a month! It really put a bad taste in my mouth and I put my beloved first away (mostly because I feared it would get worse).

    Recently, I pulled it out of my closet and started to use it again and I'm in love again! :love: I've decided I'm just going to have to accept that it's the nature of the bag. I'll have to love it with all it's flaws (and will no longer order a bag online!). So here I am.. I've been lurking in the bbag forum drooling on the new SS08 bags for a week now. Unfortunately I've put myself on a bag ban until July 08 so I will have to wait for FW08 :girlsigh:

    Sorry that was long - thanks for listening!
  2. Love that Navy Whistle :drool:
  3. They're beautiful! Welcome back!
  4. welcome back! you have such self-control it's admirable! i like your navy whistle. so cool.
  5. welcome back..

    i fell off the wagon a too... and went back on quickly after...

    lol :smile:

    love your bags though!
  6. thanks everyone!

    well the PLAN is to be on a ban - will find out whether i have self control soon enough :sweatdrop:

    Hard to stay away isn't it?