I think I'm addicted....

  1. TO LV!! :lol:

    I was at the bar tonight dancing on the dance floor, and there's this small stage where people can climb up on to dance. Well, this girl was up there and it looked like she had an LV mono Pochette. The entire time I was dancing by the stage, I kept trying to get a good look at her purse to see if I could identify it as a fake!!:lol: I've officially gone LV crazy!! :roflmfao:
  2. LOL! The sad thing is, I find myself doing the exact same thing TOO!
  3. Hello my name is Naughtymanolo and I'm addicted to lv *a few voices chime in reply Hello Naughtmanolo*
    (and I do the same thing also.)
  4. Well, you're not the only one.

    The other day while I was walking home and contemplating weather I should treat myself with denim baggy PM, a woman carring exactly the same purse I was thinking about (I think it was a sign:yes:) passed me by in the street. I wanted to take another look of it, so when she crossed the street, I did too and followed her a few steps:graucho:.

    I'm sick, I know:biggrin:!!!
  5. LOL... that is a scene i would like to see :roflmfao:
    i only do that when i see someone wears lv from MC line and balenciaga that i swear they must've think i envy their bags.. :lol:
  6. cutiepie21 - you are NOT alone... i've been going into the City after work for the past 2 evenings and i'm with my friend, who totally understands my bags and i've seen like the LV BH TWICE... all i can do is point and make a "arhhhggg" noise!!!!! And my friend just like laughs at me..... HA HA.... geez, i must look/sound like a retard... AND then i want to stalk the person, but thankfully my friend is like... "its ok, just breathe, helen"
  7. You guys are so not alone !

    I kept on noting the fakes and real bags of my travels, and eventually I had my friend doing the same.. my very indifferent to purses guy friend !
  8. Me too!!!:lol: I find myself looking to see if it's fake ALL the time!!!:yes:
  9. raising my hand - I'm guilty as well!
  10. another one here... spotting fakes is one of my favorite pastime!! I just can't help it...
  11. Me too! I can't help it.....
  12. I do it all the time!! lol...
  13. I don't own a LV yet but I do the same thing. I work at a doc's office and we have a lot of female patients that bring in LV bags. And the funny thing is that I get all excited to bring them back to the exam room when I know they have a LV bag cuz I wanna see it!!! LOL So I take my time taking their pulse and blood pressure LOL
    I still can't really tell a fake from a real yet. :sad:
  14. :blink: Guilty here too!!!! I work at the University and for a while fakes were running rampant all over campus; thru my department...the women would all come in proudly displaying the worst fakes on their arms and would add that they got such a deal, the purse for like 75.00 - 150.00 with a bonus (ahem) wallet to match thrown in. As most folks around here have no clue what LV is I just smile and go on...most of them come from a flea market or out of the trunk of someones car...we have no LV boutique local..the nearest to me is in Atlanta, GA.

    Wow I got off on a ramble!!! Ok back to work for a bit (ack)
  15. Haha, I do that all the time too! For some reason, fakes were a favorite of the lower school teachers at my school ... luckily, the middle school ones I worked with had some sense. Once, my boss's daughter back from NYC set up shop in the parking lot selling all her fakes! I wanted to tell her why fakes are bad but I didn't want to get my boss mad at me, lol! :blink:

    ^^ LuvMyLVs, do you live in Athens? I'm looking into moving up there in a few years. :yes: