I Think I'm addicted to Kooba's

  1. I just picked up a cute black Braedon Kooba at Off Fifth for an awesome price. The orig retail is $615, I paid $230 inc. tax after a 30% off coupon. They have other cute styles there, but they're going fast.

    Kooba's my new favorite brand...
    Is it wrong to go from LV to Kooba?
  2. Not at all!! I have my LV Speedy, 3 Guccis and 4 Koobas. I love Kooba.
  3. Our tastes change as we mature. We don't wear the same clothing we did 10 yrs. ago, why the same bag?

    Join the club on Kooba addiction.

    *stands up*

    I...eh hem....am addicted to Koobas and I am glad. The only 12 step program I plan to follow is the one that gets me 12 Koobas.
  4. See my thread about cheating and not going back... I totally understand! I too got my first Kooba from Saks off 5th for an awesome price, which makes it even sweeter, doesn't?

    I think ladysalesrep said something to me like, "we don't have the same lover for lifetime, do we? Why would a handbag be different?"

    welcome to the other side!
  5. Kooba isn't my new favorite brand, but I use to be an Lv girl too, but recently I've been in Gustto, Botkier, Bulga and Kooba which are all in the same designer "level". I think we just want a different style bag. Totally nothing wrong w/ trying new things.
  6. I too have moved to Koobas. I just love their bags and can't explain it any other way!
  7. Nothing wrong with loving Koobas, just means you are normal. Or just as abnormal as the rest of us. ;)
  8. You love Kooba's BECAUSE you've become smarter bag-wise!!!! You now realize that leather is more worth the money than "easy-to-wipe-down-plastic" bags!
    Don't get me wrong - I like LV and Gucci - but I much rather spend money on a leather bag! Plus Kooba's if you wait long enough you can get them at a fair price !
    I'm a Kooba and Marc Jacobs fanatic actually LOL
  9. I just bought a kooba red elisha!! I hope its a good bag, it seems like a nice colour even though i havent seen it IRL. I only ever owned one handbag until now and then i joined this forum!!!!!!! argh!!
  10. Wow, what a steal! Good job, Sabrina! There's definitely nothing wrong with loving Koobas! Kooba, Chloe and Bal are my current faves (much to my bank account's detriment!)!

    Belini, you will love the red Elisha. I have one and it is sooo cute. It functions well as a diaper bag too, FWIW, because of the two outside pockets. :yes: