I think I'm addicted to Facebook and I just joined!

  1. I thought it was just a forum for teens or whatnot until today..but a friend of mine told me I had to join and called it "crackbook". Well, within 3 hours of joining, I've reconnected with 3 long-lost friends, two of whom were my absolute best friends in high school and we'd lost touch over the years. It's so exciting! Anyways, I highly recommend playing around with it if you haven't already...it's so wonderful to "find" people after so long!
  2. Yeah Facebook! i love it and spend soo much time on it. you can read up on people because there just isn't enough time to talk to everybody. also you can post pics which is fun. my favorite is posting funny comments and incriminating pictures of my friends to embarass them haha.
  3. So is it like Myspace?
  4. Eh, I have a Facebook but I hardly ever use it. I used to be on all the time, but after a while it got boring like Myspace...
  5. i just got one like in march. Lol. Its not bad! I found some old friends which i doubt i would be able to find otherwise.
  6. I avoided it for the longest time, I thought it was a hi5, myspace sorta thing. Ive been on since January and even though that initial buzz has died down I still use it a lot. Ive connected with so many old friends - even my best friend from 3rd grade!
  7. Welcome to the club!!! Facebook addicts Anonymous (it's like myspace....but better!)
  8. Its not really like myspace in that its limited (not so much anymore) to colleges, companies, networks etc. But unlike myspace, you dont need the crazy backgrounds and stuff.. lol... its a basic networking site where you can meet and hook up with old people etc. I meet alot of fellow tPFers there :nuts:
  9. I spent way too much time on FB so I deactivated my account.
  10. I found a couple long-lost friends through Facebook..
    ugh I hate the site because it's sooo addicting lol.
  11. LOL Tiffany.. I already added you!!
  12. I just had a really good friend from HS find me on there, I was so excited!
  13. I like facebook for the reconnection factor. There is also a tpf group on there as well. I haven't joined yet.