I think I'm addicted - come see my first 3 Bal purchases!

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  1. I am SOOO hooked! This is definitely an addiction.

    I thought I'd buy one, and now I can't stop. Here is my new Black (07 Chevre) Work, 2008 Sahara Beige Work and 2008 Magenta Money.

    I think I'm ordering a Sky Blue Day and the Magenta Coin tomorrow from Neiman's - double points!!! I have to take advantage of that, right? :smile:

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  2. Oh Nice~!!.. Great start colors.. and a Nice pOP of color too. cOngrats~!
  3. Beautiful collection! Enjoy
  4. Nice :yes: What a way to start off, eh?

    Sky Blue Day sounds nice :yes: Post pics if you decide to get it!
  5. A sky blue day would round out your collection:graucho:
  6. I know.. I knew I'd carry the black a lot - and wanted a good neutral for Spring/Summer. ... But the COLORS are just so gorgeous!!! I love my magenta money and think I need a coin to go with it.

    And then I'm thinking that the Day would look really nice in Sky Blue.

    This is dangerous. I need to take a break - after I order tomorrow, of course. :smile:
  7. Gorgy! I absolutely adore the work style!! Congrats, and welcome to the addicts;)

  8. i LOVE your magenta money too!!! and i LOVE your new collection congrats!!
  9. great way to start off - congrats!
  10. Prepare yourself, this is a non stop! this bags are really addiction!! very nice bags you got!
  11. Great collection! I love the Chevre Work!
  12. ahh the magenta wallet is amazing!!!!!!
  13. congrats on an awesome start to your b-bag collection!
  14. wow....amazing. yes, once you start you can't stop...that's why we are here.
  15. Congrats!! Welcome to the world of bbag addiction! ;)