I think I'm a little nuts....

  1. Let me preface this by saying, I really like the older bags. I like the new bags, too, but once they become older I really start to like them more. Anyway, I've been carrying the same Soho Mini Sig flap bag (2004) for the better part of 3 years now & with all the great bags, cool styles, different sizes, you guys will not believe which bag I keep gravitating towards.....:rolleyes:


    Can you believe it???? I've looked at in the boutique, noticed a girl at work with it, & looked at them on eBay. Out of all the bags, I'm really feeling this one! Maybe its the price or the fact that my cousin has it & maybe she'd let me just "use" hers until I get it out of my system??:p

    I just thought everyone would get a kick out of that....I'll let you know if I get it!:lol:
  2. Consider yourself lucky! :p They are all beautiful bags and I think that's great because you are not tempted with all the new bags coming out.. and boy are they always coming out. :rolleyes: BTW I love the soho flap bags. Post a pic! :tup:
  3. Here's a pic of 'old faithful'!:p Not sure why its blurry....And yeah, I think my pickiness & my budget is what keeps me from being too tempted from the new bags. Plus, I like everything to fit "just right" & I have a hard time getting that to happen with the larger bags. Now if only I could refrain from buying Coach shoes....:shame:
  4. Hi Jennifer! I don't think you're crazy at all! That's a really cute bag, and it looks like it would be very convenient. I'd say go for it if you love it!
  5. Jennifer your "old faithful" bag is adorable too! I've always loved the soho flap hobos!
  6. do whatever makes you happy...both bags are great!...
  7. I love the soho flap bag! That is a classic and so pretty!
  8. i have wanted that little pouch for yrs 2
  9. Not a thing wrong with that! Use what you love new or old! All Coach is GREAT!!
  10. Honey,
    You don't have to make any excuses for any bag that you like. I think the bag you are using is great and the one you have your eye on is adorable. We all like different things and who knows why something appeals to a certain person? I say go for it!!
  11. Very cute.. love the soho flap!!! :yes: Exactly, what you like is what counts and that makes it even easier I am sure.. besides Coach comes out with new things so often what really is new and old anymore?!?! :shrugs: :roflmfao:
  12. I have this same bag, but with a burgandy background on the signature, and brown leather on the bottom and strap. Its waaay too small for me now, so its been handed down to my daughter, but its years old and is still in perfect condition.
  13. I've thought this is a cute bag for a long time. :smile: I really like the shape and size. Sometimes I just really want something tiny for going out! :biggrin:
  14. This is me right now. I'm always checking on eBay for older styles that are no longer available. I finally got the chevron bag that I've been wanting for years. But now I am in search of two older styles that I regret not getting when they first came out.
  15. That bag is so cute, I saw a girl at the Aquarium with that bag today and I thought it looked adorable. They had them at the Tilton outlets last time I went right before xmas