I Think I'm A Kelly Girl

  1. I am happy to share new pics of my 35 chevre kelly, I think the color is pumpkin.maybe the experts can help me on this.:yahoo:
    P1010173_edited-1.jpg P1010174_edited-1.jpg P1010177_edited-1.jpg
  2. Wow, stunning!!! :nuts:
  3. Wow, Congrats!!! :nuts:
  4. toonie, that is to die for!!! It looks fabulous on you - congrats!!!
  5. gorgeous! chevre is fabulous!
  6. Thanks girls.I love to share pics of these beautiful works of art.
    P1010182_edited-1.jpg P1010183_edited-1.jpg
  7. Wow, She's Gorgeous! Where is she from?
  8. Don't you just love orange?
    She's a beauty.
  9. that is a beautiful chevre orange sellier! gorgeous! congratulations toonie!
  10. oh mommamia! that is heaven. purse perfection. i'm so happy for you. congratulations. you modeled it beautifully. i have to look some more. i love the combination with the gold hardware. oh beautiful beautiful. such loveliness...:love:
  11. wow! that is just gorgeous!
  12. Beautiful bag...love the 35 Kellys and I'm only 5'3"!
  13. Holy moly!~ That Kelly is stunning! Congratulations!
  14. Stunning, thanks for modelling it, you look fabulous! Is that a Hermes scarf you are wearing? Whatever it is, tres chic, can we have a closer look at the scarf?
  15. LOVE it with gold HW. :yes: Makes me wanna :drool: !!!
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