I *think* I'll keep these- Speedy 30, Pastilles!

  1. I just recieved my Speedy 30 Mono from Eluxury and my Multicolor Pastilles keychain from KarenKooper!

    I have not yet returned my Damier Azur Speedy 30 still sitting in dustbag,. I have to do that this week! So I technically have TWO speedies right now!

    When I opened up KarenKoopers package I was so suprised there was a lot of things, a cd of the womans collection, different booklets! So much. And a Marc Jacobs heart shaped mirror! Best service I have ever recieved!

    But when I opened the keychian it was so so so much smaller than I thought it was going to be! But IDK grr it was so much money! LOL

    I can't figure out how to hook it to the other side of my purse. Is it just like any other keychain that you slide keys onto? Or is there a trick to it? I'm going to break my nails trying to get it open!

    The Speedy is wonderful and I know just by looking at it that I will use it way more than I would have every the Azur. I already wanna take it for a spin!

    I also noticed how much softer teh material of teh mono speedy is compared to teh azur. The azur is harder and just eh IMO I def. love the mono better already! Also, when I recieved my azur from Eluxury the keys were already attached the to bag and looked scartched and def. not new. But mine today were in the box and SHINY! So I love that! I wonder why so different. Was my Azur a return?

    So after probably tomarrow. I will only have two LV's the mono speedy and the pastilles.

    Azur is going back.

    Here's some pics:

    I'll have modeling ones later on.

  2. YAY! Congrats!!!! As for looping the keychain back on...you should be able to just loop it into the thing that is looped on the handle (if that makes any sense!)
  3. Congrats!
  4. I thought that's all it was but it's so hard to pry open to get it onto it.? IDK I'll have the BF do it. LOL
  5. Yay Congratulations.
  6. Congrats on your new things, i have heard wonderfull things about KK, love the keychain, you can wear it as a bracelet too.
  7. congrats!!! mono speedy is a great choice, so classic and classy!!!
  8. oh you need to gently pull the circle thing upwards(or pull down the little bar rather) and rotate the circular bar until space shows up then you can attach it to speedy hardware..after that, just rotate it back until it snaps
    lol it's kinda hard to explain but hope that helps
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That was so simple! I thought I had to break my nails to get it on! Your great!
    Here's some more pics! I'm lovin it!
  10. yay it worked!! lol
    congrats on your new purchases..looking great!!
  11. Congrats!
  12. I think the mono speedy is such a gorgeous classic bag! I know that there are a lot of fake speedies out there but when I see an authentic one, I'm always in awe how chic it looks! Congrats on your speedy and mc pastilles keychain/bracelet (BTW that one is definitely on my wishlist)!
  13. These two look so great together!! Great choices for your first lvs!!! Enjoy!
  14. Here's some pics of all the LV's I have now. Keep in mind I'm sending the Damier back tomarrow. But they look so pretty. Sorry for the crappy pics

  15. Congrats! I love the pastilles key chain! I've been thinking of getting one for my Neverfull, but it is pretty expensive. It's cute, though!