I think I'll hate Ebay forever...

  1. I'm so mad. eBay ended 2 of my listing because they said that my items were replicas, even though I have the proper documentation and I purchased the items myself, so I know they are 100000% authentic. I think that eBay is such bulls$h#. They won't let me sell my authentic watches, but they allow thousands of sellers to auction off ugly Coach and LV fakes? eBay is really messed up.
  2. Yup, same thing just happened to another member, Nyria. I'd contact ebay, if you have the paperwork, you will need to fax it into them so you can relist.
    I also agree though, they don't do anything about the obvious fakes, yet they end the authentic ones. Their procedures are really backwards IMO.
  3. Sorry to hear that, you should relist your watches, good luck!
  4. I had the same thing happen to me twice even though it's blatantly obvious when compared to the fakes that my items were authentic. I'm afraid to relist them because my account might be suspended and probably black-listed on their end. So what am I going to do with something that I no longer want?:hrmm:
  5. This happened to me a few months ago. I was selling 4 authentic Coach bags which Ebay pulled saying they were fake. After a few days Ebay wrote to me saying they made a mistake & I could re-list them but of course I had to pay all the fees to re-list them again. I'm starting to really hate Ebay too!
  6. It happens to EVERYONE! Don't get mad; think of it like this: at least they are pulling auctions and they're bound to pull more fake stuff than real! Sometimes a listing just reads funny and uses terms that the counterfeiters like to use; sometimes the pictures come out looking strange and can make the item look fake (or "too good!!").

    By the way, ChiChi143, you were refunded the listing fees for the listing they pulled, so actually you are not out any money. And also, I live in the same county as you--I'm up north with the Pres. How about you?
  7. You are correct. They said that some of my terminology was suspicious. And, ironically, I borrowed a camera so I could extra clear, detailed pictures. I have been emailing them back and forth. They are so vague. They will not flat out tell me if I can relist my items. I think I will wait a couple of weeks and try again. I tried to "read between the lines", I think they want me to say the word "authentic" and then explain "how" they are authentic...
    Another funny thing is that I have 100% positive feedback and I am known for selling authentic luxury goods.


    I know how you feel. What are you supposed to do with things you don't want anymore? I thought about consignment, but I'm not about to split the profits 50/50. Patience I guess. I will try to relist in the future.
  8. Oh my that's just awful, you should try and fight to get back your fees as well.

  9. Actually, I wasn't refunded any money by ebay which is what got me mad. I emailed them but got nowhere. I'm also in northern westchester.
  10. Sorry you happened it :sad: they even ever threatened me that'll suspend me if I relist my item although I've faxed them all document and receipt :push:
  11. Okay...so I followed their guidelines & relisted my item. They ended my auction again! I'm beyond livid.

    Can someone here do me a favor? Can I PM someone my listing (I kept a word document) and let me know what the hell is so damn suspicious about my listing? Maybe getting someone else's perspective will help me figure it out.
  12. I would be happy to look at your listing for you... I don't know if I will be able to help, but I can try!
  13. don't use words " like new " , always put authentic or genuine in the title , not just the subtitle . Don't forget ebay are not experts only the vero officers are .Is there a vero officer for the items you are selling ask them to check your listings out , in general they are very helpful !
  14. Thanks! I just sent it to you. Let me know what you think.
  15. Thanks for your advice.
    I didn't use the words "like new" or anything with the word "new" in it. I called it "pre-owned". I also used the word "authentic" in the title and I added 100% guaranteed authentic in my auction.

    It's so frustrating. I'm playing by their rules and they still won't allow me to list my auctions.