I think I'd like to be Noe enabled...

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  1. Ok with all the talk about Noe lately, I just want to get on the soap box and ask what is so appealing about this style? I am more for the structured bags but almost everyone seems to rave about the Noe! What am I missing? I know it looks very comfortable but I fear it'd be a pain to keep tying/untying...

    Potentially if I were to jump the bandwagon, the red epi petit noe looks like my first choice...Do yo thang guys! :yes:
  2. It´s just so comfortable on the shoulder, it´s got such a fab drop length and the strap is so smooth. It looks fab. The size is fantastic, it fits a lot more than it looks like it would. Epi Noe´s are my favorite. I´ve gotten many compliments from complete strangers of my Epi Noe, people asking where they can buy it and who makes it. They are usually surprised it´s LV since it´s so subtle.
  3. I like the unique shape of the Noe.
  4. I'd like to say that the Noe is not for everyone...but that's what I love about this bag! I've only encountered 1 noe so far out of all the speedys, PHs, and BHs that I see on the streets.

    I was actually never a Noe person, either...I hated the look because I like the structured look better, and the history behind it (held champagne bottles) didn't appeal to me...but I grew to want one after seeing how much stuff they can carry!

    I have the monogram Noe and petit Noe. Both aren't as structured or stiff like the epi. I think the large Noe works best if you carry a lot, if it's for travel, or if it's for school. I've managed to fit a full folder with a ton of papers and a spiral, a couple small books, my pochette accessories, another makeup pouch, shoes (sneakers), and my windbreaker, and it still feels fine to me. I also love the fact that there's a single strap because one won't fall off my shoulder like with some other LVs I've had.

    The petit noe is smaller, but holds a lot, too! During the winter, I'd bring it to work because it would hold my light jacket, scarf, pochette accessories, a book, an umbrella, and my lunch.

    And the drawstring? I just got used to it. It doesn't bother me, anymore.
  5. thanks for the insight. i'm a hard sell on this one so i need more folks to chime in lol. i can't get over the drawstring part!
  6. hi, i got over the drawstring issue by using silk LV scarves--slides open and closed with ease and looks fab!
    i love it bc it is not commonly seen and is still a classic!
    i say try it on IRL. see if it's for you....
  7. hi mick, if you, or anyone, could kindly post a pic of that, i'd love to see!
  8. Here are my pics....
  9. thank you mick! ohhh i lovvve you red petit noe! how/where do you tie the scarf?
  10. take out the leather drawstring and then feed the scarf through all the loops. the twillys work best bc they are long and skinny. it looks fab even with the bag open too--still polished and finished, not sloppy looking, if YKWIM?
  11. ok, i don't mean to be a pain but could you pretty please post a pic with the bag open so i can see how the scarf threads through? i think that may finally do me in for a noe...

    so you thread the scarf through all the holes? that's nice! i love attaching a scarf to my bag anyway so this is a perfect idea.
  12. I have a petite noe in black MC. I was looking for something in black MC maybe an aurelia or another shoulder bag. When my SA brought the petite noe and I tried it on it just fit perfectly on me, So comfortable, just the right size, great adjustability and I think pretty cool looking too.
  13. Thanks alot you "enablers" .... now I want one. :p * HeeHee *
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