I think I'd like a black Birkin.........

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  1. Ok, look. I think I'd like a black Birkin. I know what size I need but that's just about IT! What about leather? What about hardware? :shrugs:

    Here's what I THINK I know......that I don't want Togo. It's not that I don't like Togo but I already have Togo. AND I don't want Box (:wtf: ) because I already have Box. I'd like something different and it can't be Chevre but don't ask me why 'cause I'm not entirely sure. And I want black because I'm getting older and a black bag will take me through until I'm dead.

    Was looking at a little something in Swift but the slouch factor and the irridescence put me off......:yucky:

    So, all in all I am in a slight dilemma and would love a little help from my friends. (And I'm in no rush here......taking my time for just the right thing!)

  2. I love SoCal's evergrain, would you consider that?
  3. :wtf::wtf: No BOX ? hmmm...no Togo...not Chevre or Swift... but I thought Evergraine is softer than Swift ? ...
    sorry S'mom I'm no help here, wish you can reconsider Box though.
  4. Mmmm evergrain :yes: I know you're not partial to Epsom...what about VL?
  5. Clemence??
  6. I CAN reconsider Box! I LOVE Box! But why would I do Box again when I have the Rouge H in Box.....see what I mean? Does it matter? Am I being anal here?
  7. Give me pros and cons for all these leathers, guys. I need tons of help, here.

    Plus I'm sick at home in my PJ's and have nothing else to do but ponder this question......I could be paying my bills but that would just be a big, fat downer.
  8. If you love box go for it!!! But it is fun to try something different too. :shrugs:

    PS hope you feel better soon!!! *hugs*
  9. Shopmom, we know you've been buying and selling in an attempt to find what leather/color/hardware/style combos you like. To be frank, I did that a long time ago (it helps to have NYC as my playground to try everything on), and whittled my fave combo to box with gold hardware. I may be redundant with my collection, but it's a collection I love. I may not have the variety, but I don't have the remorse associated with buying something "to round out the collection". If you like a particular combo, I say stick with it. It is a whole lot better than ending up with bags you'll regret later and go through the headache of selling it.
  10. You could do swift if it's lined in chevre. The chevre lining makes all the difference in the world. My swift birkin isn't doing any slouching at all! I do think it's weird they're lining swift bags in swift - but just because I don't like slouchy - and other people do. Personal preference. It isn't scratching, really, either...which I was told it would scratch a lot. not happening! And it has a neat sheen.

    I'd add go for palladium hardware. it's modern, fresh, more casual. gH is nice but dressier.
  11. hey shopmom,

    i know epsom isn't very popular but i love mine! it's rigid and lightweight, and doesn't scratch quite as easily as box.

    that being said, if a box birkin had been available, it would have been my first choice. i love box! still hoping to get it in a sellier kelly someday (siiigggh)

    this is no slight on my bag, i love it! :biggrin:

  12. Beautifully said. And so true! This morning it was playtime in my closet with my bags and I realized that I have a love affair with Box calf and I'm absolutely thrilled with the ones I have. In fact my bags are ALL Box calf except for one exotic and the Gold Togo! It just.....turned out that way, KWIM?

    Who would have thought!!!!!!! :shrugs:
  13. Then that should tell you something.
  14. hmmm, i need to ponder this one, our little sick tpfer...awwww....
    honey, you may enjoy a softer look to carry you into your elegant years.
    while black is iconic and loved to pieces by many (including myself) many of my friends are mature, elegant and worldly (i do not know how i got into this mix!) and they seldom wear black (dont shoot me, i am just a messenger and a simple observer!)
    ...just a thought for you to ponder.
    i toned down on my black a bit but i do have the " go to" black essentials!
    i consider myself a minimalist and only buy and wear what makes my heart sing, and it is only a select few colors, items, fabrics, etc.
    just to ponder my dear...
    since i am ooooooooooooolder than u.
    feel better!