I think I'd be happy with a non-engagement ring...

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    I posted this in the promise ring thread, but I really think I want to SHOUT IT in it's own thread... I didn't realize how exciting/important this was for me until I coherently typed it all out...

    Me and my SO have been together 6 years in January, living together for 4 years now. We've known each other since we were 14 - almost a decade. We're in our last semester of college before getting our BA's - him in sociology/criminology, me in secondary education/spanish. We're at that point in our lives where we have ZERO dollars. My parents are paying for our rent, I'm student teaching and tutoring for free (reqs for the course), and my SO is still on the fence with what he wans to do. He's interning right now (and getting paid crap), but he's still discovering. We're very, very together - we've been through alot, alot. I always wanted the *perfect* engagement ring - and the perfect engagement... but I've come to the realization that I may have to wait *awhile* for that *perfect* ring, and will that ring truly ever simbolize the purity of our relationship? Truly? Can jewelry really do that? It all began to feel silly to me. I realized I'd never have that type of engagement - that surprise element - because we're so together, we know everything about each other, we grew up together - we know when one is hiding something, planning something, thinking something. I was looking at rings and jewelry for fun online and came upon this ring. It felt right. I felt warm inside. Could this be my engagement ring? It's a solid band - bands symbolize eternity - full circle. Aaaaand it's a TIFFANY diamond (hehehe - no matter how small). I think it's perfect. I think it's us. I showed him the ring - sent it to his e-mail. His immediate reaction was "babe, it's very, very small" - but I'm very, very small (my ring finger is a size 2!!) - and we're very, very poor right now...lol. I love designer everything - come from money - and am pretty much supported by my parents so I own alot of nice, designer things - Tiffany, and the like - but now I'm starting out on my own...we're starting our on our own... and I just think it's a perfect symbol with the perfect sentiment... and I'd be proud to call it my engagement ring...

    Just wanted to get that all out there. Damn...that feels good :love:. I'm very, very in love - and ready for this next step :heart: :yahoo:. My parents have always had a fund set aside for our wedding... but we'd wait a year or so to actually "do the deed". I begin full-time teaching in January, so by next January I'll be more established and settled. We have to see where the wind takes us... but after so many years we've realized we don't care where the wind takes us... as long as we're together - and together we're happy no matter what. With money (been there), without money (been there too), through sickness (really been there), and in health (trying to get there). I'm very, very happy :yes:
  2. I love that ring you have chosen. It sounds like your feet are really grounded even though you two are just starting out on your own. Wow, you really wear a size 2?! Then I think that ring would look very proportionate on you. You're lucky to have found your true love at such an early age. Good luck on the ring and your future!
  3. lol yes. I'm little, little. My ring finger is really a size 2 - my feet are barely a size 5!! :lol:. I'm a size 0 - 5'2 - petite, little girl :heart:
  4. Your love for one another warms my heart!! The ring is nice but is not the be all and end all. When my hubby and I got engaged, I told him that I didn't want or need an engagement ring either. He already gave me a promise (ruby) ring previous to that and I was happy with it. Like you, we were very young and had no money as well. All we wanted to do was to get engaged and get married. We've now been married for 21 years. This past Valentine's day, he re-proposed to me and gave me a 1.5 ct Tiffany round solitaire. I was so shocked and speechless. It was such a sweet moment and one that I'll never forget. Getting proposed to twice is definitely the icing on the cake. He really didn't have to buy me that diamond ring but it's nice that he wanted to and did it all on his own. By the way, I have that Tiffany band you want to buy and it's beautiful as well as super comfortable. It's a great choice. I am also a teacher. Congratulations on your upcoming new job in January. I hope this long post helps you a little.
  5. I think it is lovely. Congrats!
  6. I LOVE it!

    My BF keeps asking me about E-rings and I'm just not a big rock kind of girl. I'll have to show him that pic, because that would be a good compromise IMO :yes:
  7. i think you choose a beautiful ring! i saw this ring on Friday and seriously, even if it is a small diamond, you should see how it shines!

    a ring/diamond (big or small) really cannot overshadow a beautiful love like yours and what you have both overcome! ;)
  8. You guys are so great and encouraging and really lovely, really. I *think* it's coming soon... within the next 6 months, before we move... I feel it... I hope! I'd love to be proposed to on or around Halloween - I love Halloween - or in a pumpkin patch!! I know, I'm goofy - but I'm weird... and he loves me :heart: :love:
  9. Your love is so great! I think your ring choice is perfect. Not only because you love it but because there is such a sentimental value to it. Congrats to you both!
  10. By reading what you just wrote :love:....I think this is the PERFECT ring for you guys.... I'm so happy for you two!! Keep us updated~! :girlsigh:
  11. I wonder if the inside could be engraved...? Anyone know? Ooooohhhhhhh :love:
  12. Oohhhhhhh :heart: Your story just warms my heart. I love seeing (reading) about people so in love! And it's even sweeter because I own this very exact ring, which my boyfriend gave me almost a year and a half ago. I LOVE this ring. It is small but I love the simplicity of it.. and it is very very comfortable to wear. I've thought about having him buy me another ring (he's been wanting to) but I'm very sentimentally attached to this ring. It meant the world to me that he worked so hard and spent so much (at the time he was only 18 and didn't yet know how insane designer prices can get! hehe) to purchase it for me.

    I really hope that you get this ring. AND the wonderfully goofy proposal you have dreamt of! (I love halloween too! heheh) Congratulations on finding someone who you love and loves you so much. :heart:

    PS. It can be engraved. Mine is. ;)
  13. I have that ring!!! It's great!!!

    If you come into some bucks later, you can buy a 2-3mm platinum plain band (online for cheaper) and there you have a wedding set that's beautiful, simple and pure :smile:
  14. I think its very very pretty! Any since you're teenie tiny, I think it would look perfect!!!
  15. Yes, it is engravable, but not much would fit on a size 2 ring.

    My friend wears a sz 4 and they told her they could only fit a date or two sets of initials.