I think I won an important arguement with my husband tonight...

  1. My husband is online looking at memory chips earlier tonight..
    Me: Whatcha looking for?
    hubby: Memory chip.
    Me: For what
    Hubby: Geeps (what he calls his GPS)

    I look closer at the monitor
    Me: But those are too big for your GPS.
    Hubby: Yeah, my OLD GPS.
    Me: You bought a new GPS?
    Hubby: yes
    Me: The $600 one you've been lusting after?
    Hubby: Yes.

    (and here the wife asks the stupid question...)
    Me: Why do you need two GPSs? In case you get REALLY lost?
    hubby: No...one for navigation in the car, the other for geocaching. They serve different purposes.
    me: Ok

    (and here the husband asks the stupid question)
    Hubby: So...why do you own so many Coach bags?
    me: Well, I like a lightweight one for the summer, a knock around one for these rainy days in april, a heavy leather one in the winter, something with sparkle on it for the holidays...
    hubby: ok ok...point made.


    So you know what this means...right?

    Hubby just spent $600 on a GPS...I could go buy a new bag, and not a WORD would be said about it! woohoo! (to be fair, we each spend our own money on our "toys"...AFTER we pay house/life expenses)
  2. WHOOOOOO! Yeah dewey! :yahoo:
    Lol. So...what bag are you going to get?
    (Cuz you better be getting one, missy!)
  3. Good point and have fun shopping!!
  4. That's definitely a win!
  5. I just keep my mouth when he buys anything since he allows me to buy as many bags as I want.
  6. Lucky, my husband would not go for that. haha
  7. Good for you! That sounds a lot like what goes on in my house - DH is always asking just how many bags I need when he has at least 7 guitars! I've gotten to where I encourage him to buy more :graucho:
  8. I kept my mouth shut at the $500+ receipt from Harley-Davidson last week...:p

    I think my husband might not have long to live..I mean really, the man NEVER shops like this! (of course, if it's his bike - money is no object...considering *I* bought him the bike. Yes ladies, every woman in the world hates me...I bought my husband a Harley...heheh)
  9. really really really want a shoulder tote.
    but I want to check the outlets first...i'm always up for a deal! heheh
  10. Cute!
  11. Wheeee, have fun shopping for your new bag!
  12. I love hearing about other's conversations with their husbands. I can relate.
    And Dewey, I have been wanting a shoulder tote too. Had one in my hands at PCE and ended up getting the gallery tote. The past weekend I was so conflicted. Did I make the right choice? Then I got the thank you from my SA and remembered how much hemming and hawing I did and how my gut instict was gallery tote. So I think I am holding on to gallery. And not getting anything new at this time.
  13. lol, that's cute.
    Can't wait to get there.
  14. Dewey, you've got the golden ticket in your hands!! I love it! Isn't it funny how you can sit there and drool over 10 bags on coach.com or at the boutique but now that you actually have nothing stopping you the decision is a killer? Be sure to let us know what you get and have fun!! :yes:
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: deweydrop - I laughed so hard at this. You go girl! :yahoo: