I think I will kill someone who are using this!!!

  1. yuck! yuckityyuckyuckyuck...
  2. That is erm very creative.

  3. agree!! maybe i'd even bid for it!

    just kidding :lol:
  4. What's even scarier is the fact that men are being encouraged to purchase this for their girlfriends!!!!!
  5. wow.. what will they think of next?!
  6. Bleh!
  7. Only men that want to get slapped by said girlfriends should do that ! :lol:
  8. I"m sure some poor ol' sap will bid on it and win it. Sad..I just hope I don't run into them on the street or some place. I might assault him.
  9. *throws up a little bit* :sick:
  10. Ewwww.....
  11. disgusting......
  12. hahhahah, that's very creative.
  13. Though I am not impressed with what they chose to paint on it, I am very impressed with their creativity and skill. It looks pretty good. The waves and everything, you forget that it is a hard flat surface.
    I really like the bottom corners, cute.