I think I was someone's LV sighting today

  1. I was walking my dog accross an open plaza in Boston today - by open plaza I mean big open space. There were people around but not a crowd. I was carying my denim cles (It had stuff in it so the chain was over an index finger and the little pouch and keys were visible.)

    Anyway I notice this woman start to walk toward me - not unusual - folks always want to talk dogs - but she was looking at my hand and she got within about 10 feet and said something about the weather - never making eye contact - always looking at my hand - and kept walking.

    She didn't scare me or anything...she was carying a Denim Baggy PM. Very tightly very close to her body - I'm pretty sure it was real. (Hard to tell - I was wearing sunglasses and she had her bag in such a grip)

    Anyway - It was really funny - she only walked towards me to check out the cles. I'm used to surprising folks when I pull the zippy organizer out of a non-LV bag but I've never experienced such a blatant gawk before.
  2. lol cute, maybe you'll see a picture of yourself and the story from the opposite point of view in the sightings thread!
  3. lol, very cute but yet very strange. I would feel a bit weirded out!
  4. Yeah I was walking in the mall, and ordered my chicken teriyaki from Sarku (Japanese food is amazing) and the girl who I have seen before...was basically talking to my bag. She took my order, and the cash, but her eyes never left my moka epi. Wierd, but I thought that's cool, she probably recognized what it was and was polite enough not to say anything obnoxious...
  5. How funny! That should make you feel good! :tup: I've been aware of people looking at my bags before, but try not to be too obvious myself when I check out other people's bags. Well, today I just couldn't help myself... I was in Target, walking up to the checkout area carrying my Cabas Piano when I noticed a woman to my right carrying a brand-spanking-new, beautiful Beverly XXL. I've seen them in the LV store before, but never "out and about" like this, and I was just captivated! I found myself turning around to check it out as I walked by, I just couldn't help it, it was such a beautiful bag! She had her back to me when I passed, and ended up leaving the store before I was finished checking out, so I don't think she noticed my gawking, but I really wanted to stop her and compliment her on her beautiful Beverly. I've been wanting a new bag recently, and just might have to make it the Beverly XXL after seeing this one IRL today. So, take being someone's LV sighting today as a compliment!!! :yes:
  6. I see more LV bags at Target than anywhere else!
  7. I've had people ask to see them. One lady even wanted to touch my bag.
  8. I met a guy here my first night in Kauai, took me for an insane motorcycle ride, and back at the room, he says, wow. I like that Louis Vuitton talking about my MC white noe. THEN, he mentioned my diamond studs, THEN he asked me to buy him golf clubs, and at that point, I had to throw him out...lol.... I always get the good ones...hehe
  9. ^lol thats funny!
    I do notice people looking at my bags, like yesterday i was going up some escalators and there were 2 girls infront. I looked up and the one had a white YSL muse and the other had a gucci tote, I was looking at their bags and they were looking at mine! Lol i think its nice, its like you feel a bond with complete strangers!