I think I want ...

  1. Ribera Mini!!!:heart: Does anyone on here own one? If so, how often do you use it? Thank you in advance!:biggrin:
  2. I dont own one but I dont like it either way :biggrin: . Not big fan on zippers that open all the way up. Im always afraid that it might open up all the way and have everything fall out. Im paranopid like that. :biggrin:
  3. I don't have this bag but a girl on another forum does and said that "a pain to get stuff in and out of it b/c of the zipper and small opening".

    It has a great shape :smile:
  4. its very cute but its so small!
  5. OK, I guess I will have to scratch it off my list then.:hrmm:
  6. What does it look like, anyone have a picture?
  7. Here you go, Minnie:
  8. it's a really cute bag, i don't own it, but i admire it fr a distance :smile: hving said that, i doubt it'll fit very much in it? cos of the shape and size?
  9. I actually think this is a very cute bag. It's durable, unique, and it isn't widely faked.
  10. Maybe I will try Ribera MM then.:smile:
  11. The MM is nice too, but it was a bit too large for my taste when I tried it on, just seemed so bulky. I wish they made a size in between.
  12. I know someone that had it. It looks very cute but I don't know how comfortable it is. Good luck.
  13. boxyandme i'm always saying i wished there was an in-between size too.....the MM is a little too large for me, and the mini is just way too small (can't fit a wallet in there or anything) but i really love the bag, it's such a cute shape.......but i think you should go the for the mini, i see a lot of girls walking around the city with it and it's very precious :flowers:
  14. personally, i think its a very cute LV piece :smile:
  15. i was going to get it while in france. its tinyyyyy. im 5'2 and its TINYYYY. i honestly think u could fit zero. and it was hard to go in and out of it and i feel it would be hard to access your stuff