I think I want to get the Suhali Lockit..

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  1. I have been THINKING about this for a week or so and I REALLY want to get the suhali Lockit in white..(I live in florida so I can use it all year round)...I want to order it on e-LUX ...I never saw it in person...are there ANY LADIES in the house that have seen it in person???
    If so feedback would be great,,:heart: Thank U

    I have it saved in my cart..before I hit BUY I want to make sure;)
  2. It's gorgeous but I don't think it looks as sharp and classy as the Monogram actually!
  3. I saw it IRL a couple of weeks ago and it looks fabulous in white. The middle size is great for everyday I think. The GM is a little too big IMO.
  4. i think there's one on ebay somewhere..
  5. I was thinking of the PM it sells for 2100 ....
    :rolleyes: I guess I will sleep on it and tomorrow make up my mind:supacool:
  6. I saw all 3 sizes - I think the small is really cute, it depends on how much stuff you usually carry and/or what you intend to use the bag for (everyday vs. going out for example). I usually go for larger handbags, I feel the need to carry an umbrella and water bottle everywhere I go!
  7. I think you should!!!:graucho: It's GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  8. The white is the best one IMO, it's elegant looking and since you live in FL, it will be perfect! No vachetta to worry about...
  9. OMG.. if you can afford to get it then I would say YES!! Someone posted a picture of it up in another thread on the forum and it is STUNNING! Very classy and luxe! TDF! :love:

    Let us know how you decided which size to get and pics and so on... can't wait to see pics! I'm so excited for you, you'd think I was the one about to get the suhali lockit... :shame:
  10. The PM was the perfect size and the white is gorgeous IRL!!! :yes:
  11. I bet it's even more gorgeous in person!
  12. I have tried on the pm, mm & gm in sienna, white & black. The PM is a good size, MM would be great for work (for me) and GM was like a travel tote. I looked at the mono canvas PM lockit and it is smaller than the suhali lockit pm. I am also thinking of getting the white pm one:heart: The black is stunning too:yes:
  13. Traci has one... :biggrin: It's stunning. :biggrin:
  14. I've seen all 3 sizes IRL in the suhali & the monogram. Definitely get it in the suhali; the monogram is nothing special IMO. At first I thought I liked the PM but unless you've got small arms, it won't fit on your shoulder. It's more of a arm bag. I've got small arms & it barely fit over mine. I personally prefer the MM just bc its a bigger bag (but not too big) & you can fit more stuff in it. I recall the MM being $2400. But for sure get it in creme/white! It is IMO, the most classic & BEST color. I think all of the suhali line looks the best in white, just bc it goes so well w/the gold hardware. :love:
  15. I was able to get the pm on my shoulder (I also wear my tobago shoe bag on my shoulder:shame: ). I thought that the suhali MM reminded me of the saleya MM when sitting on the shoulder..both black & white MM are stunning:yahoo: