I think I want the Pochette Bosphore!

  1. I like having bags around my neck so I can have my hands free.
    I really like this bag. What do u think?
  2. i've seen the bosphore line in person (all 4 models) and i like this one best! eLUXURY - null - null=

    it's only $100 more than the pochette bosphore and it fits a lot more! i'm all about practicality, as you can see. :smile:
  3. i'm sorry, the link is broken, even though i copied it straight from the site! anyway, here's a photo:


    it's the bosphore pm!
  4. The Pochette Bosphore is really nice, but I agree with kaye, love the Bosphore PM! It's on my wishlist!
  5. Its so nice. I've seen this. And I tried one one. And if I could just say I'll take it lol, I would of. But I love this functional messenger style LV! I like handsfree also, especially travelling, shopping, etc.
  6. i have the larger version and i also like the magnetic closure and cellphone pockets inside!
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