i think i want one!

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  1. I know i'm late to the game, but i think i want a balenciaga. blood red or white....but, do you think that they are a super trendy bag that will just come to a complete dead stop soon??? or will they become a classic??
  2. great, now i also want the coveted seafoam bag. that's 3 i need/want now.

  3. I think they are a classic. They have been around and gaining popularity now for five years. I'd say that's a good sign they will be here for may more years to come.

    I vote for a blood red. My rouge theatre day is one of my favorites. Love red Balenciagas.
  4. I don't follow fashion and tend to get what I like and if it's fashionable, great, but if not, too bad. Fashion is too fickle to buy into. Of *course* things fall out of fashion, how else will they goad you into buying new handbags/ shoes/ pants when you have handbags/ shoes/ pants that are perfectly fine?

    Anyway, if you are going to buy Balenciaga, I would choose red over white, red is so versatile and it's just so hard to keep white white. Especially with the lacing in the handles.

    There are also a few reds to choose from depending on your preference for the undertone. 05 Rouge Theatre can be hard to find. The 06 Rouge Vif is easier and is a gorgeous deep Strawberry Red, the 07 Rouge Vermillion is a Tomato red with orange undertones.

    I wish you well,

  5. I started loving Balenciaga - not because of how long it would be in style, but after seeing the styles and colors available - I just felt like it was made FOR ME!! It was amazing, it just spoke to my personality!!

    I also REALLY appreciate that they are light weight - I love MJ bags too, but they can get sooo heavy!! Bbags are just more practical to me.

    I think these reasons are going to MAKE them a classic!! ;) IMO...
  6. I just went ahead and ordered a Vermilion Day bag after trying it on at my local NM today. This distressed red color is vibrant and happy. It has orange undertones which makes it easy to match your clothes. I highly recommend this color.

    Previously I had a Bordeaux red, this Bordeaux red is more mature, and sophisticated, but's it can look matronly as well depending on the style.

  7. :smile: thanks for the advice...i've decided i am completely in love with the vert d'eau color. and i've never owned any clothes this color. i'm so excited for the day that i actually own this bag.

    it will happen!

    *applies 'the secret* lol
  8. Its never too late! :smile: I think the red's good!!!