I think I want an Epi Pochette!

  1. I think I want to purchase an Epi Pochette Accessoires pretty soon, and I was wanting to know what you guys thought of them. I have the monogram, but I think it is time to branch out. What colors is it available in? Eluxury only lists black and red, but I know the store will probably have a better selection. Let me know!
  2. Love epi pochettes! I actually think the red or black would be a must have as it is very classy. I own the blue, lilac, red and black.
  3. ^^^

    I definitely agree! I think that especially the black is a classy must have. I have one and although I haven't used it yet, I can see it going well with so many outfits on so many different occasions.
  4. I also think the black would be fab.
  5. i love it in red
  6. I love them too....I am trying to find a Mandarin one! They dont hold as much as the regular mono and damier pochettes, but they are a great evening bag!
  7. Get it in Red!
  8. I'd go with the red
  9. I wish I could get one in every color...what do y'all think about the ivory color? Too seasonal? I still can't decide!
  10. Red:flowers:
  11. I think, Ivory would be lovely. Not seasonal at all, it's a classic color.
  12. I wish they made it in the ivorie, but for some reason they didn't. I own the black with silver hardware and use it all the time for dressy evenings. I highly recommend the black!
  13. my one and only is myrtille and i love it!
  14. ^Same here Ally! I love my Myrtille Pochette.
  15. Mine is mandarin and is a staple for the summer,:heart:it!! ~ I also wish I grabbed the last mocha at my boutique...

    The black one with the silver hardware looks stunning too!!