I think I want an Ali!

  1. I recently purchased a whiskey shoulder bag (after calling 10 different coach stores to track one down, LOL) and now I find myself lusting after the Ali, in the same color. I love the shoulder bag but I think the Ali would hold a bit more particularly for going to work with me (I'm a doctor and my stethescope takes up too much room in the shoulder bag to carry it plus my other stuff). I also love that the Ali would not be so huge that it would look odd to take out for more casual outings. I love the Mandy but it is so large and honestly a bit more than I want to pay.
    So would it be silly to have 2 whiskey bags? I like the other colors of the Ali too but I already have some white bags and a black Carly, and I just think the Ali looks so cool in the whiskey color--I"m really drawn to it. Also don't know how long the whiskey will still be available.
    Anyone who has the Ali: what do you like about it (or not like as much about it?) Thanks--I love this forum!
  2. amelia, as a fellow health care professional (with a severe case of Coach addiction), I can assure you that it is perfectly normal to want/collect legacy bags in multiple styles and colors.

    I currentlyl have the Ali in Whiskey and am planning on getting another Ali in black or white, a hippie in white or natural, a shoulder bag in pond or whiskey (if I can find it), and don't forget about the wristlets... I have one in whiskey, but would like to get a black and a pond. And that'll be all (for now). LOL

    Can someone tell me or diagnose me whether my addiction is curable?
  3. I have never been pregnant... So, I don't know what it feels like to have sudden cravings for certain food. But is there such thing as "craving for a Coach bag"?
  4. amelia,

    I own 3 ali's in different colors! lol !
    You will not regret the ali and will be one posh doctor. I simply tell myself these are purses I will be wearing 5-8 years down the road. So, if i buy multiples then I dont feel so guilty. crazy,huh?

    Your fan,
    Cha Cha
  5. I have the Ali in whiskey and I LOVE it! I was hesitant to buy it because I had never had a flap style bag before, but I am so glad that I did. I think this is my favorite bag ever. I'm also considering buying one in black. I don't own a black bag & since I love this one so much, I'm thinking that I need it in black too!!
  6. Thanks for the helpful replies everyone! I think I will probably go for it! It does seem like a bag that will not go out of style, so I can justify it!
  7. I saw the Ali for the first time, in the whiskey and I fell in LOVE. I ended up working at an outlet for a little while, just to get the discount so I could get one. *LOL* And now I'm wanting one in the white too! It's a hopeless addiction.
  8. You have a case of Ali-itis. The only cure is to purchase this handbag in multiple colors of your liking.

    I have the Ali in khaki/ebony trim and now in black. I can not rave enough about this bag. The wide strap makes it comfortable to carry (even if you overstuf it - which is hard to do!) and it looks good with everything.

    It really is an investment in a classic accessory.
  9. So this is weird: I went to the Coach store at the mall, and of course there's no legacy stuff left in the store. So I asked the SA if they would be able to order the bag in whiskey for me (so as to avoid the shipping charge and also to be on their radar for any PCE that might come up.) She checked something on the computer and said they were sold out--none left. It seemed like she checked the website.
    However, when I got home I ordered the bag in whiskey from the coach.com website and had no problem. I guess it is possible that I may get a message later that they are sold out or something, but the order did go through. Strange.
  10. Amelia,

    I had the same problem last weekend with the legacy shoulder bag (khaki & white trim). I wonder if they get low on stock and control it from the warehouse. I did came home and order it from the web site last Sat. and I rec'd my bag this past Thursday, no problems.
  11. I love your bag in your avatar, Bag Me!
  12. The Ali in Whiskey is a beautiful bag. As much as I adore my Ali in black, I know wish I went for Whiskey. I say, go for it!