I think I want a stam

  1. Ok so I need your help. I'm thinking about getting a stam but I don't really know what colour to get. I'm really loving the blue that is out at the moment so i'm thinking about getting that but I was just wondering what you all think? Also do you think this bag is def worth getting and how much stuff can you fit in it?
    Thanks heaps for your help :smile:
  2. Hi! :smile:

    What colour bags do you already own? I went with Almond because I didn't have a bag in the colour. If you think you can incorporate the blue (Cobalt?) into your everyday outfits then definitely go for it! All the colours are fab but in the end it's about what will work with your over all 'style'.

    I think it's worth getting just for the gorgeous-ness of it haha. You could fit a small paperback book/organizer in it along with all your other essentials too.
  3. The blue that you are talking about it TDF! :drool: I wonder what it looks like IRL...whether it's as striking in person.

    As for how much you can fit, the Stam does fit a lot. When I purchased one earlier this summer, I was able to fit a small umbrella, my LV agenda, a book, keys, and blackberry. However, it is really heavy.

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide to do!
  4. I saw it at NM and it looks JUST as good as the photos!!
  5. I'm thinking of getting the new blue colour. Where abouts can I get it from? I'm in Australia and i'm thinking of getting it sent over to here, so who has it in stock at the moment?
  6. I already have two black chanels and a two black balenciaga and a magentia balenciaga, so I was thinking a different colour just because I already have a few black bags.
  7. Congratulations on getting a Stam! Hopefully I'm getting the hobo soon!!! Then in some months the Little Stam in black. :nuts::yes:

    I hope you love it and can barely live with the happiness!!! POST PHOTOS when it arrives FIRST THING! LOL.

    Love the blue, good choice. My fave color for MJ. Love blue bags overall! Ee.
  8. if i dont already have the pearl (cream from fall 05) i would have gotten the cobalt blue from recent season. i personally think that MJ bags are actually better looking when they are in "fun" colors. i am in asia pacific too and it is hard getting MJ here, and when you do the range is really small. i think NM is really good. baglover is a source of info and contacts on MJs, you can ask her for some contacts and order it either by phone/email (MJ boutiques) or online NM (not the same stock as NM actuall store/s which you will have to phone / email SA to order). good luck!
  9. I haven't actually got it yet hehe, but i'm pretty sure that i'm going to get it. I really love the blue colour and I think it will go with ehaps of thinks, because I wear a lot of black, so I will have heaps to match it up with.
  10. What colour do you think I should get, the new electric blue colour or the topaz colour?
  11. It depends on whether a light blue or a brighter blue works best with your wardrobe.
  12. Either one sounds lovely. The bags are heavy when they're empty; with stuff in them they must be sort of hard to carry. My niece has one and sometimes she removes the chain to lighten it.

    The style is fantastic!
  13. I say go for the cobalt. Does NAP send stuff your way too? You could always try there.
  14. Yes NAP does should stuff to Australia but I found a store in Australia that stock MJ and they have the topaz colour in stock so I can get it from there. But i'm just so undecided about the colours now because they are getting the electric blue colour when it comes in stock and they have one topaz in stock at the moment.
  15. Which store is this? Just curious.... I remember another person was asking about finding MJs in australia.