I think i want a speedy...what do you suggest??

  1. So I've been looking for a large bag for a while to use as an everyday bag, the kind that i can just stuff with whatever crosses my path, and the only one i can think of that would really go with everything all year round is the speedy....i've decided against this style in the past both when it came out in mc (i got the pochette instead), and again when it came out in pink perf ( i got the musette) because of the way it droops at the bottom, and because i think it can't be a shoulder bag ever (am i wrong?) but i always seem to come back to it, becuase I LOVE the shape and size....What do you think? Any suggestions for a big everyday bag, even if its not an LV, i guess....below is a pic of the ones i already own...thanks
  2. I have the MC speedy and I love it!! It doesn't sag like the regular speedys because it has the gold corners to help keep it's shape. If you don't like the bright colors, then I think the damier speedy is very classy looking and matches almost every outfit!
  3. love the damier speedy!
  4. Just place a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the Speedy so it doesn't sag :yes: .
    I do agree that the Speedy is an excellent choice to put your everyday items in
  5. Ok... now that I have finished drooling over your Green Perforated Musette... I believe you should get a black MC Speedy. :biggrin:
  6. I dont worry about the sag that much. Just put a mag down there, and you're ready to go. I suggest Speedy 30 or 35.
  7. thanks for all your suggestions....ok jm i just went to your myspace page since you seem to be the lv king around here, you have to tell me something about those red shoes in one of your pics....when did those come out????
  8. :shame: Thnks.

    As for the red shoes, I'm taking you're talking about the ones in the ad with Christina Ricci... Those came out in 2004.
  9. hmmm, i think if you're leaning towards a speedy - get a 30... i see that you've got some hand held LV pieces already so i guess if you wanted to mix up your LV collection abit get it in Damier... plus, if you can get to an LV store go on in and try it out for good measure. good luck on what you decide! :flowers:
    PS, you have an AWESOME lv collection & a speedy is always a must in any collection! :graucho:
  10. You have a great collection! :yes:

    The speedy is such a great bag...
    The bit of sagging is what I prefer rather then having a boxy hand held bag to carry around. It makes it look chic and different to me...as well as being more comfortable against the body.

    I believe that the Epi speedy is a bit more boxy...not really sure...I own the damier speedy 25 and it feel a bit more stiff than the Mono.....Good luck in your decision!
  11. i think you need an epi speedy
  12. Go for a speedy.