I think I want a ponytail scarf.

  1. However, I'm not sure how it'd look with my hair. My hair isn't long, but right now the shortest pieces are at my jaw/the rest is to my shoulders. :confused1: Anyone with hair like this find it's OK to wear?
  2. I think it would look totally cute if you wear it as a headband. Whether you leave it down... or even if you pick it up in kind of a messy little pony tail or bun... the scarf would definitely look cute...

    Go for it!!!

  3. i have short hair and i wear them as headbands
  4. my hair is just about the same length you're describing. I wear mine as a headband or a messy bun and tie it around it.
  5. Your hair looks maybe a little bit longer than mine, but pretty close. I am getting my haircut tomorrow, but hopefully he doesn't cut too much off! :lol: I'll need to specify "JUST a trim" because if I say "not too much" he'll cut off two-three inches. :crybaby:
  6. you can most definately use it as a headband! or even around your neck or even on your bag...there are so many uses outside of just being for a pony tail!
  7. i wear them with my short hair and its like 2 inches long seriously...it will look cute
  8. :heart: Try one of these. Super-long skinny scarf. $38 at the store and online. SO AWESOME! I just got one.
  9. I think the ponytail scarves look great on shorter styles. I say go for it!
  10. Those are cute! I think I saw some at the Outlets that I liked, but no idea! I wouldn't wear pink or purple because I have absolutely nothing in those colors! My wardrobe consists mainly of lime green/greens, blues, reds and browns! I like the Hamptons scribble one, but I'm afraid that I'm too old for it! Is it possible to reverse the legacy stripe between the stripe and the brown c's?
  11. do it! i totally want a ponytail scarf too (legacy stripe or watercolor stripe or BOTH!)
  12. Absolutely. The sig side is cute! :yes:
  13. Please please get at least one, you'll love it!
    And if you don't you can return it or use it on one of your bags =)
  14. Ita with this. I just got my first one and I'm wearing it out already (as a headband) though I have long hair. It is just the most perfect headband/scarf ever! And I love that it's reversible too. Now that I got this one, I'm planning my next one already. Will be legacy if I can buy it before they sell out~
  15. I've yet to get one. I'm currently sitting at home sick! I just got back from the doctor's office! I think I have the most fun upper respiratory infection ever! I've got a wonderful eye doctor appointment tonight too. :yucky: