I think I want a Gucci! Which one for a 1st?

  1. So I have Coach and LV and have been attracted to Gucci but have never really looked into them... I am thinking I want to add one to my collection.

    I like the look of the hobos- specifically the Horsebit.

    I like the look of the leather ones with the print on them... See I don't know anthing about Gucci.

    Would you recommend a Horsebit as a first bag?

    Can you order off Gucci.com? Or do you have to go somewhere else?

    I want something under $1000.

  2. oooh I think a horsebit hobo is a great 1st Gucci bag. I don't have one yet but would love to add that to my collection soon. Why not get the horsebit hobo in guccissima leather?!? :nuts: The only thing is that I don't think the price will be under $1000 on that particular bag. But the canvas ones are within your budget. Go check out gucci.com and start your research now. :tender: WELCOME to GUCCI!
  3. WOOT 2000th POST!

    I am looking on Gucci.com and here are a few that catch my eye and are in my price range...

    'new britt' medium hobo
    I like the silver/silver- 575
    Or the beige/ebony- 550

    And a couple more:

    Chain Medium Horsebit hobo in this color combo and it's $850

    I do love the leather ones but they are out of my range right now.


    Also the wave large hobo for $880


    And the Brit medium with teh non adjustable strap? IDK what the difference is between this and the first I posted but it looks different.

  4. I like the medium horsebit chain hobo. The brit doesn't do it for me as much.
  5. What about this. This material looks different...It's shiny?

  6. Yes, very much - like plastic
  7. Yeah that's Duchessa, it's plastic-coated and should be waterproof I think. I have the horsebit and I love it..only thing is, it's not that comfy to carry imo. I also have the britt in the beige/ebony in dark brown trim on the way, actually it's here but at my MIL's house so I have to pick it up. Keep in mind the britt is way thinner than the horsebit so go with what would be more practical. The silver is pretty but I don't know if you'd use it much, the original monogram is more versatile imo. I personally don't like the others posted. Sorry I'm no help.
  8. I like the wave hobo. Good Luck on your decision
  9. the new britt is a good first bag, but yes.. it is very thin. the horsebit hobo is very cute too, i have it in the guccissima leather in chocolate. good luck!!!
  10. I have the new Britt Medium hobo (1st picture) and two large chain hobos and they are FANTASTIC~

    If you are trying to stay under your $1000 budget, I suggest the medium chain hobo. It is a fantastic size and it has a zipper closure. The two bags above have open tops which could be a problem if you don't like open bags. Also, between the Britt and Chains the first is a flat bag and the second isn't. More room in the second bag.

    Let us know which one you choose. I have pics of my Gucci bags in my collection (link in signature) on the last page.
  11. I would say a horsebit, They are classic and go with everything:smile:
  12. I like the wave hobo and the "plastic" duchessa one. But I think you should try the bags on if possible. Some straps may be too thin or too think to your liking.
  13. If you want an all-leather and are willing to go over your budget by $40 US (it;'s $1,040 the last time I checked), I suggest the Princy medium tote in chocolate/cream Guccissima: http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/classics/handbags/#130736_AA61G_2019 (it's this bag in the GG stamped leather)

    or the Abbey shoulder in chocolate Guccissima ($1,090): http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/classics/handbags/#130736_AA61G_2019

    Or you may want to get the fabric versions of these bags, they are great as a first Gucci!
  14. The BRITT line is my fave....
  15. There are a lot of choices under 1G, do you want a small, medium or large bag?