I think I want a Bedford

  1. I'm kind of dreaming about the Bedford, and thinking it'll be my next purchase...right after Azur speedy.:graucho: But which color? It's between Pomme and Framboise.

    Pomme-would match koala wallet, cles and 4 key holder. Darker color, so less worry about color transfer, etc.

    Framboise-matches ludlow/coordinates with pomme accessories. The pink makes this bag look more girlie/feminine (which I like). Slightly lighter color makes me more nervous about stains and such.

    Help! :sos: I like them both so much! Anyone with Bedford experience, please advise.

  2. I think the pomme is much more striking, plus since it's a tad darker, it should be a little more resilliant to colour transfer. :yes:
  3. I would choose Pomme. I have a Bedford, but I don't know what kind of advice you're looking for.
  4. i prefer the Pomme d'Amour; it's such a rich color :love:
  5. I'd get the Pomme :yes:
  6. I think the pomme would be fab!!!
  7. Get the pomme!
  8. I like the Framboise...
  9. pomme, you dont want your bag to be on your mind EVERY second of the day, its easier to care for.
  10. I only have small accessories in vernis, so I don't have any experience with vernis bags. Bedford isn't cheap, so I don't want it to sit in my closet. I want to use it. Color-wise I'm leaning towards framboise, but because it's lighter it could be a big mistake. Anyone own a framboise bag? Do you love it? Regret it?

    Pomme is gorgeous too tho. I would be very happy with either.:yes:
  11. I have a Bedford but don't really use it all that much because it's kind of cumbersome and there's no organization inside at all.
    However, I'd get the Pomme because I saw one in this color yesterday and it's simply gorgeous!
  12. I have bedford (in Indiago) and want to have one more in Framboise. If you think about function & capacity, I think you should consider brentwood or houston, because for me I use bedford only sometimes (not everyday bag).

    However, between the two (pomme & framboise)..I love love framboise.
  13. definitely Pomm da amour
  14. i got my fuchia bedford yesterday , finally after a long wait.its yummy
  15. I would love anything in pomme, it's a gorgeous color.

    Framboise is pretty too, it depends if you're more of a pink or red girl.