I think I started something...

  1. I went to a club this past weekend with my boyfriend, some of his housemates, and his housemates' girlfriends. Since I was all dolled up, naturally I was wearing my black lambskin E/W flap. Several of the girlfriends came up to me throughout the night to tell me how much they loved my bag. Obviously they have good taste! When I told them it was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, they all responded with a, "spread the word to MY boyfriend that I want one of THOSE for x-mas!"

    Well, now there is a boys weekend in Vegas coming up, and one of the girlfriends is less than happy about letting her b/f run around in Vegas without her. So, to make it up to her, my boyfriend has convinced his housemate to buy his girlfriend a Chanel bag in Vegas. Now the boys are planning a Vegas Chanel boutique trip, and my little flap started it all. I'm proud to say I've started a "Chanel buying boyfriend" revolution!
  2. oh that is so cute!! hehe all these boys going on a trip to buy their gf's chanel goodies, good work!
  3. OMG! I live in Vegas- will your bf make friends with mine and convince him to come along?? :graucho:

    Well done, by the way! Your friends should be very grateful for a very long time!
  4. wow... I am so pround of you ... heheee... spread the goodness around....
  5. HAHAHA that is so funny!! Good job! Share the knowledge of Chanel...!
  6. :lol::lol: That's so funny!

    Way to rock:rochard:
  7. aaahhhh... the chanel bug - it's like a virus.... only much better LOL

    well done you! i wish you'd come and infect my bf (with the chanel bug, that is!)... try as i might, he seems to have some congenital immunity to bags.
  8. what a nice b/f you have.. every guy i've dated has his wallet sitched tight :sad:
  9. how i wish.. haha.. a girl can wish, right?
  10. What a nice boyfriend and what a fun idea!
  11. Fantastic to know that you have led the charge to convert yet another man to Chanel!

    It really should be like being the hostess of an Avon party....convert 5 men, get a free Chanel wallet, convert 10 men, get a free Chanel East/West, convert 100 men, claim a free Chanel suit baby!!!!! :biggrin:
  12. That is very cool.....you are helping those guys turn from boyfriends to Gods!!!:love:
  13. How sweet, wish your bf could be friends with my DH.

  14. LOL..

    I will keep converting 10 men at a time.. :tup:
  15. i think thats so cute. i think all bois should love bags as much as we do and participate in fueling our bag needs. :yes: