I think I spotted a shill bidder!

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  1. I was watching an item that started at 99 cents despite the item being worth a few hundred dollars. I didn't bid but was watching it to maybe do something on the last day.

    4 days into the auction the auction was at about $30 and there about 5 bids on it. Then the listing disappeared! I emailed the seller and asked if she had sold the item, she said no, the auction was stopped early because the item was not going to be available for 21 days because it was being cleaned. I was a bit perplexed why you would list an item and then send it away to be cleaned, but oh well.

    But then a a day later the same item and photos showed up on a free classifieds site.

    Later I was doing some research and looking at sold listings of similar items and I saw the same item show up in the sold listings about a month beforehand!!! By the same seller!!!

    I looked at the item and it had sold for about $330. I checked the bidding history and up until about $30 there were a few bidders, then from $30 to $330 there were only two bidders, with one bidder only having 2 feedback. The 2 feedback person won which I am pretty sure was this sellers shill!

    So it looks like she re listed it again at another 99 cent auction, and then after 5 bids pulled the auction rather than going through the same charade again.

    It's pretty funny. I thought I would share. I was pretty put off when the auction was pulled after bids were made, then a bit surprised when I saw it on another site, then quite shocked when I saw the item had sold previously and then well, you all know my suspicions now!
  2. Link to listing?

    It sure is helpful both to see whether it's actually shilling or not and also, if the seller shills, I want to know who to avoid!