I think I spotted a miss priced flap today???

  1. @ NM in Short Hills, it was Lamb skin classic flap in a very pale bluish gray color with silver hardware, I think it was the middle size double flap stlye (always confuse of whether that's considered medium or medium/large or just large like my last SA told me it was, but anyway not E/W and I think one size larger than the smallest double flap because that one is pretty tiny) regardless, it was marked $1,750, doesn't that seem wrong?? Ok, was just curious, if anyone is interested and in that area go check it out tomorrow, I'm sure they'll catch it soon b/c I overheard the SA talking about the price change and how she was going to go over every piece they had.......
  2. How weird! Maybe someone will get lucky and get it for that price! hehe
  3. ohh i hope someone gets it! sounds like they didnt change the price tag on that purse yet
  4. a bit off topic!
    just wondering did anyone see this classic blush bag in the patent version anywhere recently?