I think I spotted a Minilisa today!

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  1. I work in a small insurance office in a small tourist town. Our office has windows on either side on the street level. Well, this afternoon, a bunch of people walked by our office and stopped at the office next to us (which happens to be closed) so a couple of them came in to ask us about where the people went, etc. and as they were walking away, something caught my eye on one of the young girls and I was thinking to myself 'OMG, that looks just like a Minilisa!!!' It was drop dead gorgeous!!!!! I wanted to run after her and ask her if it definitely was a Tano but then I thought the people I worked with and the people that girl was with would think I was a little crazy! So anyway....TE, did the Minilisa ever came in a dark natural tan color?? If not, then this was an exact replica!! I'm telling you, this bag was so hot and the girl looked so pulled together with it, like she just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine! :yes:
  2. Very exciting!!!
  3. It was my first time seeing a Tano IRL so I was overly excited-LOL!
  4. might have been the minilisa in the color WHEAT. It was like a luggage tan color.
  5. Yes, that must be the color. Thanks TE. It looked so nicely broken in. I hope Tano continues to make the Minilisa for seasons to come and just make it in different colors and leathers...it's the most gorgeous bag!!! I hope it's a Tano staple like the Sex Bomb and Boogie Bucket.

  6. It *is* so exciting to see a Tano IRL!! I was at Anthropologie last week and I swear I saw someone carrying a Tano in a gorgeous wine color, maybe beaujolais? Anyway, it was tucked under her arm so I could not get a good glimpse to see what it was, but I was thrilled nonetheless, as I am pretty certain it was a Tano. I almost asked her about it, but I chickened out. Then I always wonder if it's a tPFer and I missed out on a chance to bond over our love for Tano! Oh well. :P
  7. Can someone tell me what IRL is

  8. ^^IRL means "in real life" (like in person, not online.)
  9. IRL - in real life

  10. LOL, I'm starting to check out other women's bags, too, to see if I can spot any Tanos! We're really crazy, aren't we? :nuts:
  11. I've seen two Minilisa's. Today I saw a Camel Colored Boogie Bucket
    bag on a tourist.
  12. A camel-colored Boogie??? I want to see it!!