I *think* I saw the gold CLs

  1. The Saks on 5th in NYC has the spring collection out. I would say there were roughly 8 or 9 shoes on display in pink, blue, orange, metallic black, gold and silver. The gold is more of a metallic with glitter or sprinkles if it makes any sense. They are pretty cute ... slingbacks, open toe. I didn't check the retail, however. Just thought I'd share.
  2. any wedges???
  3. Patent? Kid? Pointy toe? Round? I'm so over pointy toe.
  4. ^^ Me too!
    I hope they are opened toed. I feel the need to buy another pair of opened toed! I have became obsessed..:girlsigh:
  5. i saw some today! simple pumps 90 or 100mm (not sure) in bright metallic fuschia pink, bronze and black patent. the other is the no prives in pale metallic gold in mirror gold stack heel 80mm i believe (the newer ones)? i managed to get a pair of pigalles in blue! :graucho:
  6. Please post pics of the new spring styles! I am dying to see more of the new selection.
  7. Blue pigalles! Lady Deluxe, are they the bright electric blue. If so :girlsigh: more temptation.
  8. ^ don't think so! more like a royal blue sort of color? hmm i posted them in the post your louboutins thread! go check them out ;)
  9. I need to see this gold glitter (champagne, really, right?) on a foot. I'm not yet sold.