I think I saw a whiskey paddy...


Nov 1, 2005
...available at Intermix in Georgetown (Washington, DC) about an hour ago. They actually have quite a few paddy's (I think I saw a greyish blue and red), and for Mulberry fans, lots of Mulberry.

Here is the number: (202) 298-8080 . They are opened until 9pm EST this evening....
intermix is cool, unfortunately their new atlanta store is small, so no chloe for me. had a great collection of michael kors shoes, though.
Mariah said:
i've never heard of that store but i might need to check it out next time in georgetown. do they just sell purses?

No, they sell mostly clothes...very trendy, and pretty expensive. Definitely not a very "DC" store if you will, but fun to look at.