I think I saw a fake Capucines BB on ebay!

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  1. #1 Apr 27, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
  2. This bag is sold...
  3. My thoughts on this having looked at the buyers details....

    When making a purchase on EBay or other Online Sites, the person buying should do homework!!! Never assume it's real unless bought from the boutique!!!

    It might be a hard lesson learnt.... I would only spend what I'm happy to lose for any online purchase, it's a gamble!!
  4. That's a shame. My first LV was a Neverfull and I bought it on eBay for $900. It was a fake. I found this site and luckily we caught it quickly. I was able to return it for a full refund but that could have been a very expensive lesson. It was that day that I learned I'm not buying an LV unless it's from a store or tradesy.

    There was another buyer that bought the same purse as me and left the guy positive feedback. Ugh.

    Some people just assume that eBay is safe and they give other humans the benefit of the doubt on their morals.
  5. This is nearly identical to what I went through with my NF purchase! I went through ebay and it was selling for around $900. I let my excitement cloud my judgement and bought it without having it checked out first. I came here after having serious doubts and it turned out to be fake. The seller kept insisting that it was authentic but luckily, I didn't receive any hassle about returning it. She ended up selling it a couple of weeks later though :sick:

    I never did get another NF; just seeing it reminded me of the stress that I went through. I still like to look at ebay but will never buy another purse from it again.
  6. It's been sold... Someone is going to be very disappointed and angry.
  7. Another poor victim
    Shrugs! !!
  8. thats awful!
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