I think I received a fake!!!!! Help...

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  1. Just confirming that all bbags have leather in their front pocket? I just received a black city I bought on ebay (paid $790 plus shipping) and I'm quite sure it's a good fake!!! It has all the obvious thing correct (bales, etc.) but I just feel it's fake!
    I am so mad!!:hysteric:
    So, do all bbags have leather interior pocket? I own a first and box and both do, this one does NOT.
  2. I think it depends on the year of the bag. I think some years didn't have leather in the pocket. Check ateliernaff to make sure. I hope yours is real!!! Good luck!
  3. Can you post photos?
  4. The outside front pocket of my black city (fall 06) has leather running about 4 inches from the top and the remainder of the pocket is black fabric. I'm not home so I can't check my earlier bags.

    The interior pocket is all fabric
  5. I'll take some photos hopefully tonight when my camera battery is charged:sad:
  6. Shari, I have a cornflower city 06, and it has about 4" of leather on the interior of the outside pocket, and about 1/2" of leather on the inside pocket.
  7. This one is a fake. For sure, the more I analyze it the more flaws I see:yucky: I am so upset, I just emailed the seller and asked for a refund.
  8. My 06 marron City has the same thing. Even my 06 lilac Work has the leather on the interior of both outside and inside pocket. My 06 BI Day also has about 4" of leather on the interior of the outside pocket.
  9. :crybaby: So sorry to hear that. Please keep us posted, and I would still love to see pictures. Good luck on the refund!
  10. i think it does depend on the season because i had an '06 grenat first which had the leather in the front pocket & now the '05 teal i traded it for doesnt but i know that it's 100% authentic.
  11. What was the auction link? Perhaps those photos will be enough to authenticate it with.
  12. I am trying to upload photos but it says my file is too big???
  13. oh no.. I feel bad.. don't you all hate those dishonest seller? I hope you can get your money back. If you paid with paypal.. try to stop the transcation or call paypal and ebay. good luck!
  14. What was the auction number?