I think I need my head checked! And then there was 8!

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  1. Ladies
    Is it just me? Or do you feel sadness when you move one of your bags on?
    I fell out of love with my black NVT bayswater some years ago. I guess her time was limited when I got black grainy print nickel bays which was love at first sight.
    I tried getting a samorga liner to see if it would make me use her more. It didn't work. Although she looked better I would still reach for my black nickel whenever I needed a black bag.
    My DH just took her away to post her to what will hopefully be a new and loving home. But I feel sad....He thinks I am crazy as I was looking so sorrowful.

    Maybe I do need my head checked. But hopefully one of you bag ladies will understand.

    Anyways.... I am now down to 8 bayswaters and I am on the lookout for a black grainy print bays with soft gold hardware.

    Another option is the currently available black small grain bays although it has the microfibre lining.

    Does anyone own these? If you do can you share pics of these bags please?:graucho:
  2. I completely understand. In fact, I think rehoming a bag a few years ago is what got me started on the current never-ending search for the perfect bag. I used to be the kind of person who kept everything in 1 purse, and carried that purse daily for years. That go-to bag used to be a Coach Janice's Legacy Bag, back from when the bags were made in the United States (where I am) and a few factories in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and other nearby places. It was the first fancy bag I ever had.

    Years went by and when I got to the point where it was too small for my daily carry, I stored it in the closet and it went untouched. Then I decided to consign it. It sold right away but I missed having it in my closet (just to look at) so much...then started the purchasing of different brands and search for vintage Coach.

    You are allowed to feel sad! Especially as I know from your posts that you treasure all your bags and put a lot of thought into them. Your Bayswater photos have been a great source of information for me. And perhaps the bag also symbolizes your hard work and justly earned rewards, so it's more than "just" a bag.
  3. Thank you for your lovely post. There are a lot of memories associated with the bag. It is one of two bayswaters that my DH bought for me (the other was oaky baby) and he gave it to me as a combined christmas/bday present when he got a bonus. It was the second expensive designer bag I owned. I was so excited when he bought it that I convinced him to let me use it early (Sep instead of Dec). Although I love oak bays the black was way more useful for my wardrobe so I took her everywhere. In the time since owning her I have moved house, finished my PhD and progressed my career so it does represent all of that to me. :smile:

    I do really treasure my bags. I even had the original shopping bag that she came in. With the exception of a few bags I have bought the majority of my collection. You are right. My collection has come from years of hard work and dedication. A medical career is full of sacrifice. It is more than 'just' a bag. It represents much more to me. ;)
  4. Well, it's a break-up, isn't it?
    The bag love waned.
    Time to move on.

    But, the love was real. And meant something.
    Was not a waste. Will not be forgotten.

    Becomes part of your life as memory.
    Without storing extra baggage (ooh, punny thing I did there! :biggrin:) in wardrobe.
    Helped to shape who you are today, who you have yet to become.
    Plus frees space for another bag...

    Win-win. ;)
    Good choice & the sadness will pass.
    With chocolate & time. ♥
  5. See now that's the bag I want at the moment, I have a graphite bays which I like, but don't love. That bag will stay but will never be a favourite go-to bag for me. My NVT oak Bayswater is just fab and I really crave a black one now...

    I would feel sad too if I parted with my graphite. Financially I don't want to loose the money on her resale value so will keep her "just in case" the love returns...
  6. ...and a new bays....will help ;)
  7. Ah I love you ladies. 'Normal' people would not understand! It does free space for another bag that I will love. All the bags in my current collection have a purpose and get used. So it made no sense to keep her any longer. I will get over her when I get a new rebound bays baby!
  8. Ah I love graphite bays. Got her a samorga liner to make sure she doesn't get floppy. I love nickel hardware on bags. Black NVT held up well and looked as good as the day I got her. The only issue for me is that while I love brass on the oak and chocolate it doesn't make my heart sing on black. I love the gold accents on my lily and Daria. That was the main reason why she couldn't compare to grainy print nickel bays for me.
    But then I see some women with black NVT and it just looks so good.
    I have an east west bays in NVT and brass and she is my least fave bag. I use her when I want a bag that fades into the background, visit to doctor, church etc although I have started rocking my Daria babies to church now too. Hehe.

    Will add some photos of my black NVT for you. Taken before she was packaged up.
  9. Hehe. Very true. Wise words.
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458586821.798284.jpg
    Black NVT bayswater
  11. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: