I think I need my 2nd MJ....rop

  1. I already have a satchel in true red. I am thinking a Blake would be good for my 2nd bag. What do you think?

    What color is the best for a Blake?
  2. The Blake is such a nice, classic bag. I would be tempted to have it in black, and have it be my "serious girl takes a meeting" bag. Think pencil skirt and nice pumps and a slightly va-va-voomy sweater.

    (See the Blake has a whole life we just don't know about.)
  3. love the blake!
    i'd like another in black too. there were several pinks i liked too- dusty rose, i think.
  4. =). I can see that too.
  5. I love the Blake bag! When I'm out shopping I always like to stop, gaze, and pet them. Black is nice and classic. My only concern is that it seems like a pretty heavy bag before you even put anything in it. What do you Blake owners think?
  6. Just to clarify, when I say that I pet them, I mean that they're on the shelf at a store and not on someone's shoulder. That would just be awkward for everyone involved.

  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. I think Blake is a fabulous choice! I have two myself and use them quite a bit. I have one in black and one in denim. There are pics in my handbag showcase if you want to see pics.
  9. ok i know...i'm terribly slow :blink:...what's rop??

    anyways, i'd definitely go with the blake in putty...i love the bag, and i really love that color!!
  10. rop is just an acronym for "read on please".

    I'll have to check out putty. Thanks!
  11. Well many of you know I just got my first MJ bag - the blake, in black with gold hardware and it IS heavy...I've gotten used to it but I wouldn't call it my everything bag. It is the more va va voomy girl takes a meeting as described earlier. It fits a ton in it but then it gets even heavier...so I love it...love it love it..but have to admit...it's heavy. SO...I need a fetching weekend bag - it's the only answer

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