I think I need help


Which one?

  1. Medium rego tote in camel

  2. large carly in khaki saddle or maybe delicious chocolate

  3. save money for outlets in august!

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  1. Which do I get
    Medium ergo tote in camel
    or large carly in khaki saddle, or the delicious chocolate?
    Or save my money for the myrtle beach outlets in august?

    the only problem is the chocolate would not be so good because it would show all the cat hair...
  2. Carly in the khaki saddle. I just got one for a friend and its super cute and practical!
  3. Delish Chocolate!!!

    I got her today--- beautiful!!! :drool:
  4. i luv the carly's but voted that you wait for the outlets only because the bags seem to be hitting them sooner.... hmm...
  5. I think either the khaki carly or wait for the outlets since things have been getting there so quick... the carly is very delicious though!!!
  6. I voted Carly but I am probably biased! It is a great bag and I get a lot of compliments on her.
  7. Khaki and saddle Carly all the way girl!!:okay:
  8. Chocolate Carly!!
  9. Hmmm... that's a toughie... I voted Carly (Choco.) because it's so delishh and versatile! lol. And a lot of girls on here seem to be happy with their Carlies, so that must mean they are a good bag overall.
  10. Khaki/saddle CARLY!!!! I just got my medium today and LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!!!!!!
  11. I vote for the Carly in khaki/saddle!!
  12. :smile:I voted for the chocolate Carly:smile:
  13. Chocolate Carly!
  14. Definitely Choc. Carly! I have a cat and a majorly shedding yellow Lab- I haven't had problems with fur on my Carly!
  15. The chocolate Carly would be awesome, can you tell I am partial to brown. But the outlets have great stuff too! Good luck deciding.