I think I need color, girls....

  1. So, today I decided to take a cold, hard look at my little Hermes collection and now I'm in a bit of a twirl.

    It's dark......well, it's not completely dark but I think I need a little color....I'd LOVE some suggestions :sos:

    Shopmom's bags:

    Chocolate Togo Kelly
    Toile/Black Box Kelly (vintage)
    Dark Chocolate Porosus Croc Kelly (vintage) (AND not here yet)
    Caramel Chevre de Coromandel Kelly
    Black Chamonix Bolide
    Black Box HAC

    Please tell me your suggestions for bag style, color and leather- I sort of have my own list but since I have a tendancy to go neutral if not flat out dark, I could use some help here.

    I'm not a pink/fuschia/turquoise/orange person really. Blue jean maybe but I don't really know. I LOVE Rouge H so that's on my list but again isn't it kinda dark still????

    I really envy you gals with such beautiful bright color bags....:shame:
  2. Green!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so beautiful, I saw a green ostrich Boldie in the store, it was to die for!
  3. Yes, yes, Bagg....another Bolide is def. on the list as I love them so much. But still out on the leather and color....hmmmmm....
  4. YELLOW!! It's the ultimate happy-happy-joy-joy color!
  5. Potiron is the obvious choice.
  6. SHOPMOM - The answer is Vert Anis!!!! LOL - well, it is for me, anyway!!!.

    OK, I actually don't think the colour thing is a problem.....I love neutrals, and you can jazz up all your gorgeous bags with H scarves and those keychain thingies (if that's your thing). Rouge H will be a divine addition when you do it, and your trim as well.

    If I were you, and really wanted to add a pop of colour, I would do it in the lilac colour of your bearn (or is it your agenda?) because you ADORE this colour, and it's so eyecatching and different!!

    I'll keep thinking of colours for you..............trawling through my Hermes Catalogue right now!!!!
  7. Baggaholic...what shade of green? Was it a 31cm Bolide?

    Shopmom...I think Blue Jean, Rouge Vif or Raisin. I have a raisin Evelyn and it "goes" great with blacks, greys, browns. It's a dark shade of purple. I know it's dark but beautiful!!
  8. Potiron??
  9. Kristie's right! Vert Anis is beautiful!
  10. How about a turquoise chevre Bolide?!
    Or a Vert Anis something...
    Of course I recommend Potiron because it's a neutral with a happy face...
    I used to abhor orange and NOW look at me!!!
  11. Oh these are GREAT suggestions everyone....thank you and keep 'em coming! Here's the thing.....Yellow makes me look like the living dead and I'm a little afraid of Potiron because I wear so much black.

    Lilac I love but I'm thinking it's too much color for a whole bag....please tell me other women go thru this because it doesn't seem like it. Look at all those wonderful colors that OT has and Kou is going to be fuschia all over....

    (sigh) i need to be open to color....this is my new mantra....no more black bags for shopmom....
  12. actually, vert anis is really growing on me. I'd love to see one IRL.....
  13. It looks almost Emrald and yes it was 31cm!
  14. Oh Vert Anis is great! I love that shade even though I'm not a green person.
  15. when I get my vert anis kelly, i'll visit you in SF!!!!! can you wait another few months??????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!