I think I need another blue! Pls help me choose which color & style!

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  1. I'm in a dilemma now cos I know I want another blue in my collection but I just don't know which blue and which style I should go for. Right now I have shorten down my list to these:

    - EB RH Work
    - EB GGH Brief
    - EB SGH PT
    - SB SGH Brief
    - Turq SGH PT

    I love the GH so it's without a doubt I'll be getting either the SGH or GGH but I saw an EB RH Work recently and it looks really good! My one and only RH bag is with my sister right now cos it just didn't seem right for me. I thought I won't be tempted by RH bags again but after seeing that EB RH Work, I've fallen in love with it! But everyone knows I want a EB SGH PT, like since forever, and now I can finally get one so why am I changing my mind???!!! And I'm also kinda tempted by Brief and since I don't have one I'm like "Should I??" Brief owners, is it a good size? I carry loads of stuff everyday so I need one that's big enough! And the new Turq is quite cute too, I don't have any other non-Bal bags that are of this shade so I don't know. Does anyone thinks it's too loud? I haven't seen Turq IRL so any input is much appreciated ;)

    There, now you see! I really don't know which I should get :confused1: Long-awaited wishlist item or something new? :sos::sos::sos: You know what, I really hate decisions like this lol.
  2. I like the eb and the turquoise colors. To me, the eb's I have seen are a more vibrant color than turquoise because it is a deeper blue. If you really have been wanting the eb, I say get it as it won't be around much longer and if you miss it you will be kicking yourself.
  3. EB GGH Brief! I love the EB with the GGH!!!
  4. I think the EB SGH part time is stunning. (This is speaking from someone who has a SGH part time on the way, so I'm biased.)
  5. out of those 3 blues, i love EB the most and i think it looks the BEST with SGH (i could be biased cos i have one), and since you've been wanting a PT like forever, i think you really should go with the EB SGH PT
  6. I love all blues...

    I love my EB city, so it would definately work in a part-time...or a work.
    I had a brief with SGH that I just sold, it was wayyyy too heavy!
    I also tried the Turq part-time yesterday, the color is gorgeous, but for me it was too bright for a larger bag...

    Just my two cents...
  7. I would pick between EB GSH PT or Turq GSH PT.
    My favorite style is the work but Part time is second. The handle let you fit the bag under your arm comfortably and the strap is great to carry across your body if you stuff your bags with things like I do. I think this is the best style combo with giant hardware because I think GH are just too heavy for me. But I think you are probably use to the weight since you have all GH bags.

    I have both EB and Turq. The color of the Turq is just gorgeous!! I love it and it is just the prefect blue to me. I know lots of fellow PF are disappointed because it is not green enough, but I really do like the bright popping color it is. When you put it next to the sky blue, it makes the sky blue a little bit dull. But the leather on the Turq is not as soft as I would like to be. When comparing to my EB, the leather on the EB is definitely much more softer. But the leather on the Turq is thicker.

    If I haven't lost you at this point, I would like to end by saying go for the Turquoise GSH Part time.
  8. Get the EB GSH PT that you've been craving - if you don't (and if you're like me), you'll totally regret it and end up getting it anyway;) Or miss out and have to troll E**Y and the consignment shops for months!!
  9. I have the EB GSH in the City and it's TDF!! I also think the new TQ is Awesome IRL with RH. LOVE it!!
  10. turq work is awesome. i've seen the color IRL and it's amazing!!!
    turq day??
    sorry...not that much of a help.
    keep us posted.
  11. I vote for the EB GSH PT... I'm LOVING EB and I think it would look great with GSH>
  12. I'd have to say my favorite from your list is the Turquoise SGH PT. It's a vibrant blue that looks great with the GH. My second choice is the EB City. I'm not a fan of the brief, but I don't have one, so i'm not a good source on those. Good luck!
  13. i like variety so i'd suggest something outside your list: Turq GGH XXX (Brief or Work). you don't have GGH yet, correct? you should note that the Brief does not have a very broad base so i'm not sure if it suits your needs.
  14. Hey pinkie! I would choose EB over the others. I personally prefer 05 Turq more so I wouldn't get the 08, but lots of people love the 08.

    I don't have any experience with the Brief or PT, but what about an EB GH Work? Unless you're thinking about the weight? Generally SGH cools EB down and GGH warms EB up. I have a EB GGH City and love it.. lends such a bright pop to all my neutral-based outfits!
  15. Thanks ladies for your inputs :flowers:

    After reading everything I think it's a close fight between EB SGH PT and Turq SGH PT. But I just added another one to the list, EB GGH PT :sweatdrop: I think I should just stop stalking tPf lol.