I think I need an intervention!

  1. In the last month I have purchased a Fuschia Denim Mini Pleaty, Framboise Koala Wallet (waiting to arrive), old style mono mini accessories pochette (as a spare for the one that came with my petit bucket), mono key holder 6 (waiting to arrive) and I am still not satisfied! :push: :shame:

    The latest fixation is a Bronze Vernis Forsyth PM and the debate is on whether a black Epi Honfleur would be a practical daytime purse.

    ....must not buy.....:drool:
  2. In the last month I've gotten the Monogram Riveting, Fushia Baggy GM, Jack and Lucie, 4-key holder in Pomme, Denim Speedy Case, Framboise Heart Purse... and now I'm lusting after the gold pap (I'm always so late to jump on the bandwagon... ugh, I'm going to have to pay $2k on resale market, I bet)... Aaggh.
  3. Lol, welcome to the dark side :death: :lol:
    Congrats on your additions.
  4. haha...welcome to TPF!

    it's this place I tell you. Before I was here I was content with my one and only speedy 35. And now..my wishlist changes EVERYWEEK!!!
    hee hee...
  5. I agree ;)
    congrats on your additions.
  6. We are all enablers here! LOL If you are looking for an intervention into your obsession, you will find seriously addicted LVers here who will only fuel your desire for more!! Hehehe....welcome to the dark side!!:graucho: :heart:

    We are sooo glad you bought all those nice LV for yourself!!
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. ^^ITA... with PurseNut911. We are obsessive enablers! :lol:
  9. omg i counted today. last count was like 14 or 15 things- today i'm up to 22!

    in the last month i bought: azur speedy 30, red lv card case, pomme multicles, perle cles, champs bandeau, conte de fees apple coin case and a jack and lucie. omg am i in trouble.

    you're not alone.
  10. this place does that too you lol!
  11. TPF'ers are such bad influences! :roflmfao:

  12. Ack! Tell me about it! I've spent sooo much money on bags these past two months!!
  13. i am also out of control. last month I spent $4,800 on LV and 1 chanel tote. i just can't seem to own enough.
  14. LOL in last month I have bought the Lambskin Riveting bag Ecru, the Damier Azur Speedy, a mono Speedy 30, Heart coin in Pomme & MC & the Pomme agenda also the Chloe quilted bay bag in off white :yahoo:
  15. Just don't go into debt. The first few months you're here it's like this for many pfers if I may say so, at least it was for me too. Then I had some purses I loved, and I calmed down. Now I'm getting really picky because new things have to fit with what I'm content with and they have to match the quality and look. So it does get better, but I will not compromise on design and quality anymore :smile: