I think i need a new bag!

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  1. i used to really want a stam but tbh im seeing sooooooooooooooo many fakes of them now its really putting me off saving up for one, so i was thinking about different styles- any suggestions? I want it to be a good size and to have a zip top.

    thanks ladies! xxxx
  2. Why do the fakes put you off of the real ones? :confused1:
  3. As for suggestions, do you have any further qualifiers? "Good size" and "zippered" are pretty vague and apply to a broad array of styles. ;)
  4. Yeah it would be good to know how much you want to put in it, how big, shoulder bag or not, etc. There are so many bags to choose from as you know!
  5. what about the cecilia? it has a similar feel then the stam (at least in my opinion) and I don't think it has been faked that much

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  6. i don't think fakes should turn you off from what you love. don't let counterfeits dictate your preferences in that way. living in nyc, i honestly don't see many stam fakes, and when i do it's patently clear that they're not the real thing.

    if your mind is decided against the stam, the cecilia is a good choice. how about something from the new paradise line like the kate or rio? the quilted rio?



  7. i guess a silly part of me just doesnt want anything that people are gonas just dismiss as fake- there are a lot of fake stams around where i love they are becoming a bit like the paddington. Perhaps I just need a less faked stam like a sunburst...i dont know....decisions decisions
  8. ^ There was a sunburst stam on bonanzle! & it was authentic too!
  9. i vote paradise rio...i think its just a beauty
  10. I agree with tad on this one. :yes: The vast majority of the time, there is a dramatic, striking difference between authentic Stams and the fakes. Even if someone isn't familiar with MJ, the quality of the workmanship and materials is clearly evident in the Stams.

    In any case, I think that the sunburst Stams are lovely! The leather and the hardware on those bags are just divine. :heart:
  11. TAD, what is the fuschia bag called? i think that bag is calling my name? is that only at the boutique or i can find it at saks or NM> thannks
  12. ^Its the Paradise Rio in Purple. Supa' hot! I know Nordies has it, nit sure about NM or Saks.
  13. If you like the stam, go for it... if you like something that has a zipper closure, then the cecilia is a good option.
  14. ^^ thanks space... i'm going to nordie to see it IRL. love the color, it's really calling me now
  15. An authentic stam will always outshine a fake! For a zip top, I am also loving the Rio. There's always a Hudson too!!