i think i NEED a MARAIS :p

  1. [​IMG]

    i'm so in love with the tote i saw on eBay.
    any of u girls can give me info what sizes of tote they have and do they have it in brown ?

    and what style are this line comes with & the retail price? this tote is 3999 on eBay, is it too much? or is it around the retail?

    please also post pics if u have of this bag and the review, the leather looks so yummy ad thick.

    thanks :smile:
  2. did you look in the Reference Library yet?The Le Marais is TDF!
  3. Sea, I actually thought of you when I saw these totes! You could probably sleep in it, LOL! So, it's perfect for you. I don't know the price, but I think it's pretty steep. BTW, did you ever get a Paris-Biarritz?
  4. OMG!!! It is TDF!!!!
  5. addisonshopper has this in grey and posted a modeling pic awhile back. It's TDF!
  6. Yes I like the Marais as well.
  7. Oh I've never seen this bag before until now. Yum yum, I like it!
  8. I do have it and I love the look of the bag...it is HUGE...
    I have the dark grey...
    I seen that listing on eBay and by no means is the bag sold out.. I seen it at Neimans last weekend- Yes it did come in brown and it was a great color- I seen the brown one at Chanel Tysons corner..it did not last long..
    the bag retails 2995.00 they want $4K for that bag on ebay- ridiculous..
  9. This bag can fit everything.....If you have anymore questions feel free to pm me
  10. same here i saw this tote on ebay....it's look nice!

    Seahorse, it will look gd on you~~
  11. thank u swanky, i just check on the reference library and drolling over LOL

    bullet, i haven't found the right biarritz in here. i only saw the one on ebay is actually quite a good price i think but i'm trying to find it here in my country if i can. i saw some biarritz here but never in black :sad:

    and thennnnn i saw this marais and i think i want this more than the biarritz LOL

    addison, may i know the size of this tote?
    is it come only in 1 size? is the leather stiff or slouchy?
    ooo ur grey is soo pretty, do u have modelling pics :smile:

    allbrands whoooooo they have it in red? :drool:
  12. yea i saw a red one in sydney Chanel 1 month ago but the price was over AUD 4000...................................:sad:
  13. wow 4000AUD is pretty different from the US price
  14. yes, Chanel price in Australia is :tdown:, i just got my cerf for AUD2840, anyway wish u can locate the pretty tote soon!