I think I need a chocolate carly

  1. ... to match my new sneakers!!
    Is that sad, or what??

  2. AAAAAAHHHHH!!! Those are so freakin' cute!! Where did you get them?!?!
    Yes, yes, get the bag!!
  3. They were SOOO on sale at Off Fifth in Wrentham...
    The style name is "Dalia" and they had cream and white sig, yellow and white, and the chocolate
  4. Those are so cute!!! You deff need the matching bag now!:graucho:
  5. Wow, that's so cool and so far away from CA :smile: You're a good shopper:yes:
  6. What a great excuse to buy the bag!!!! I mean you HAVE TO MATCH RIGHT?????
  7. you must have a purse to match those awesome shoes.
  8. I'm a huge fan of matching too! I say GO FOR IT!!!
  9. Those shoes are sooo cute! I think the choco carly would just complete it:p
  10. wow those are TDF! you found them on 5th avenue?? which store?? they were on sale!!! i want i want!!
  11. Those are too cute. Man, I've got to find a Off Fifth around here.
  12. Cute shoes! Get the bag.
  13. Found them at Off 5th (Saks outlet) in Wrentham... they were $45 and they had sizes 8 and above only..
  14. Ok, those shoes are just ADORABLE!

    And yes, you need to pick up a matching Carly. All the tpf ladies say so, right? Now you reallly have to succumb to the peer pressure....;)
  15. Cute shoes - and of course get a matching bag!