I think I need a break from you girls...seriously!

  1. I think that you girls (and guys) are great here and I love you but.....you are all such bad influences. Everytime I read the coach forums, I end up getting Coach panic attacks and I find myself driving to the Coach store to buy more things that I DON't need!

    Woke up this morning and everything was fine. I log onto the Purse Forum and wham! I am at the Coach store buying the Bleecker sig capacity wristlet, Bleecker sig checkbook wallet, and a Bleecker charm keyfob that costs $98!!! I KNOW that I have lost it when I spend $98 on a keyfob. :wtf:

    I have to figure out a way to block this website. Don't know how to do it yet...but any suggestions would be helpful! :upsidedown:
  2. You'll grow out of the initial frenzy!!! I used to have nightmares of all the bags I saw, loved and was afraid I'd never get... :hysteric: Now I drool, enjoy and pick based on "need" not only lust.:girlsigh:
  3. I've been having this problem - so now I'm only getting a bag if it's celebrating an event - right now I'm on a weight loss plan so as soon as I hit my goal, I'm buying a bag! Until then, it's no go for me...

  4. Wow! You have a lot of self control. Weight loss AND bag-ban! You go girl! :okay:
  5. This is providential because i said to myself after i get my new Thompson Hobo (toffee) i will have to say goodbye for a while (and i just became a member a few weeks ago) because i do find myself doing the same thing-- "shallow obsessing"... :s
  6. dittos same here i am heading to the coach store thursday and i know i will blow my wad and then some lol.:lol:
  7. Well, use some common sense i mean like ask yourself, are this season's bags that capitvating? won't a newer season bag look much better? what about the other newer seasons? Don't think of just right now but think of the future.
  8. There is nothing that I am lemming for right now with the new floorset. I don't generally like gallery totes or patchwork so more that likely I will not purchase anything until the next Spring.
  9. Just take it one day at a time. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to put your keys in the drawer and get back under the sheets and watch tv until the urge goes away.
  10. I spent $250 on a Chloe keychain!!!!!!!! I still can't believe it! It's the one that looks like a miniature Paddington.
  11. i completely understand your pain- and i went through it too- driving to the stores to buy something i didn't need- esp the outlet. I save my receipts and take most of it back. things are better now- mostly b/c alot of the new bags don't do much for me. i tell myself that something better and newer will be out soon and i can't buy every new bag, wallet, keyfob that comes out and now i save for what i know i will really love and use. i have also banned myself from eBay-my god! the damage i have done! LOL it will be ok- just drool over what everyone else gets- and log on once a week or so- it helps! but don't leave us ;)
  12. Its always lik that when you first join, but there is always the option to return! Thats what I did when I first joined I kept buying stuff and going nuts but ended up seeing the voice of reason! If you can afford it, life is tooo short to let something like not buying a bag get in the way of your happiness!!
  13. You can also learn to live vicariously through others' purchases for the most part :yes:
  14. Totally know how that goes!

    Every day I change my mind on which bag I want to buy! XD!
  15. thats what I do!!! like that sig ergo hippie!!:graucho: