I think I might cry!

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  1. I planned on buying an Epi Speedy 25 or 30. I loved the blue color I have seen so many times on this site.

    Just got off the phone with a SA at LV store who told me blue is discontinued for the speedy's. She checked to see if anyone had any left and told me no!! Only colors for the epi speedy are now black, red or cannelle. She said you might be able to find some orange left but they are not in production.

    The SA suggested I look at Jasmin which still comes in Blue. I'm not sure i'm crazy about it.

    Any thoughts on an alternative bag? What about the Soufflot in blue?

    I'm not a happy camper.
  2. i had the same answer when i went in to lv yesterday. she said no one had one. i didn't like any of the other styles in blue either. maybe look at another color? or try to find one on ebay?
  3. Oh that sucks! I have the myrtille blue and it is indeed a gorgeous bag. You should be able to find it some where I´m sure! And they pop up on Ebay once in a while.
  4. Oh Drats!

    I love the Myrtille. Maybe they can call around and locate one for you.
  5. have you thought about an Alma is Myrtille??
  6. That's weird...I was at the LV in the Westchester the other day and they had at least 3 or 4 blue epis out.

    I didn't ask if they were still producing/selling them but why else would they have them out on display?
  7. speedys?? they checked the compurter at bloomie's lv and said the company had none anywhere. they had lots of other blue epi purses but none were speedys.
  8. Oh bleh...maybe not the speedies. I wasn't interested in the blue so I didn't pay much attention to which style they were.

    I just know I saw some blue epis on display.

    Sorry for the false alarm:shrugs:
  9. Thanks all for your input. Maybe i'll look at the Alma but i'm not 100% sure they are still producing those in myrtille either. I'm not comfortable with e-bay.

    Well, I guess i'll have to go to the LV store and shop shop shop until I find something! I am seriously disappointed though.
  10. Ebay Carefully. You Will Find It.
  11. did u get it?
  12. Thanks for the info--I had a stomach virus for days and haven't been on-line!

    Anyway, I'm not comfortable with e-bay as I don't think I'm talented enough to know a fake bag from a real one.

    I'm hoping some new epi colors come out and I'm going to try to hold out before I buy anything new. I want to make sure I really buy what I want.

    Thanks everyone! If you hear anything about new epi colors, let us all know!
  13. If you see something you want on ebay, post in the Authenticate This! thread...we have a lot of pfers who are SOO good at teling real from fake.

    As for new epi colors, I think there's a thread in the main LV-subforum about white epi coming out next year...