I think I might CRY

  1. Okay I need some real serious help...Yesterday I was bored and I let excitement get the best of me...And I did a really really stupid thing. I think I might have bought a FAKE Coach purse. In fact I am almost sure of it. I should have known better but I took the sellers word that it was real, I have my doubts. What do I do or what can I do? How can I tell?? I am sooo DUMB. But today to make things better I went and got a white and gold trim COACH soft duffle ( it is soo pretty) But I still feel sick to my stomach about the other one that is more then likey FAKE! HELP
  2. Post the listing in the Authenticate This! thread and you'll get some good feedback about the bag's authenticity. Don't worry, it will be OK!
  3. I am to imbarassed! I feel really stupid! Specially for the price I paid for a fake...I am so upset, She said that she would refund me my money if it was not real but Yeah right!
  4. what is the eBay link?
  5. o wait i just read the other posting i guess authenticate this has to go in that section?
    i dunno why but i guess those are the rules,,, :sad:

    But im sorry it will be ok if you know its fake from eBay cant you return it or file a thingy saying you knnow it isnt authentic? i dont use eBay but i feel like i read that a lot,,,
  6. I can file a dispute with PayPal but if worst comes to worse I will have to have an expert write with on a "letterhead" how fake it is or something like that. I also saved all the Emails that she sent saying it was real and what not. Maybe it is and I should not worry, but I have never bought something like this from Ebay so I am pretty sick about it. Call me crazy! I did suck it up and put my ended auction in the Authenticate my fake bag for me...
  7. I am sorry- maybe the ladies will call it auth and you did not get a fake. Fingers crossed for you
  8. o no i saw the post in authenticate

    how does she know its fake!?!?!??
  9. This makes me soo sad. She was able to brake it down from the side pockets to the optic patch. I am soo lost! I am soo stupid, should have known better! I am not sure what to do,or how to prove to paypal it is fake
  10. I AM SO SORRY !!! :sad:

    i wish that hadnt happened but it said 100% guarenteed or $$ back so you have to be able to do something

    have you seen the site mypoupette? you pay them and they can give you written proof of authenticity, or NON authenticity,,,, maybe check out their site?
  11. Don't beat yourself up! I have bought a fake too It was so fugly the leather the colors the patchwork(uck), that was before I knew any better. It was a stolen photo on ebay. Luckily I got a refund once I returned the bag, and then I put more money with it and got a really nice Coach. I have since studied Coach like crazy and I research everything and then place my bids.

    I feel you will get your money back. If not then file with paypal but when you ship it back Please get a delivery conf. # I got one with a signature (so you are covered.) Don't beat up yourself! It'll be ok!!
  12. You guys have been great!

    I hope I will be able to handle with out paypal getting involved but I have a feeling I will not be that lucky. But on the brighter side of things I did get a Coach soft duffle today from Nordstrom it is soo pretty
  13. Congrats on your duffle - I've been following your thread to see how it worked out with your auction (also in Authenticate This). I hope everything works out for you!
    Hey, I see you're from Oly, I grew up in Quinault and Aberdeen!
  14. The duffle is great!! It is White with gold soo pretty! And my whole auction deal is really sad still makes me sick to my stomach. It just makes me upset that I asked this lady like 100 times atleast about the authentication of the bag...Needless to say she had me convinced...but I still had my suspisions...I guess I will need someone to hold my hand. Aberdeen is just a hop skip and jump from Olympia (I am actually Tumwater) My sister is in Cali right now, she will be home next Saturday cant wait

    Definately do not feel bad. I too have purchased two fake bags and a pair of sunglasses through Ebay in all instances I received a full refund including shipping expenses.