I think I might burst....

  1. Hi Girls,

    Well after hours upon hours of researching, thinking and looking (I've got some obsessive compulsive issues I guess...lol), I took the plunge and ordered my very first Paddy! Couldn't decide on color at first. I wear a lot of browns/earth tones so I considered Choco and Whiskey but in the end I was completely drawn to the lighter shades.

    I went to Nordie's and tried on a Creme, but ended up ordering a Mastic from LVR. I'm really nervous because I haven't seen Mastic IRL but saw one on Roz's ebay listing and really liked it. Does anyone have Mastic and what do you think of the color? Gawwwd I wonder if I should have waited and tried to find a blanc or sable?

    Got an email from LVR that my baby shipped today. I think I might faint from the anticipation!!!! :wtf:

    Can anyone ease my anxiety about the Mastic? :hysteric:
  2. Oooo!!! Mastic calls to me. I haven't seen it IRL either, but it looks tons better than the creme did, IMHO. I think mastic looks like marshmallow cream!

    I can't wait to see your pics when you get her!!! CONGRATS :yahoo::nuts:
  3. Mastic is great!! I can't wait to see your pics! Congrats!!!
  4. You will love Mastic! It is so beautiful!!! Cannot wait to see pics!
  5. Congrats!!!!!! Mastic is gorgeous! The one Roz has up on Ebay makes me :drool::heart:! You made a great choice. :yes: Can't wait to see pics when it arrives!!
  6. How exciting..!! Mastic looks beautiful in the pictures I've seen, I cant wait to see your pictures when it arrives:nuts: I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous..!! :love:
  7. Hey Heather,

    Any news on your Mastic??! I am dying to see PF pics of this color!!
  8. I know how you feel I just got my new paddy last week from NAP. I was looking for a taupe paddy but I went with brun because it was on sale & I love it! It's even better in person! Congratulations!
  9. Mastic is an amazing color and congrats on your purchase! You won't be disappointed I'm sure :smile:
  10. oooh can't wait to see the piccies.

    I think you have made the perfect choice. You done your research and worked out what bag would suit you and your wardrobe best (well done ;))

    you will love it I know, and if you dont (which wont happen!) you can always return it, so stop stressing and show us those picces ;)
  11. CONGRATS!! Can't wait to see pics of your mastic!

    Oh, and welcome to the Forum!