I think I might become a Marc Jacobs fan now...

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  1. Never thought about Marc Jacobs until now...I could seemyself carrying this one.


    Hmmm...the white looks nice, too...
  2. I like it in white.
  3. :nuts:

    Okay...obviously, I've been under a rock...

  4. MJ bags are BEAUTIFUL! You should get one!!
  5. :love: So cute...
  6. The leather looks so gorgeous on that last bag you posted!
  7. What the heck is wrong with me? How did I miss Marc Jacobs?:shame: :lol:
  8. Me too! :biggrin:

    Buttery, the metallic bag you posted is so cute!
  9. Probably has saved you some money, up until now, though!
  10. I love Marc Jacobs.:love: Great choice!
  11. I think his quilted bags may have turned me off initially; quilting is just not for me. But I really like the smooth/pebbled leathers.

    Wow...this color....:love:

  12. I don't need another hobo bag, but this is so beautiful.:love:


    Marc really knows what he's doing...

  13. OMG...the hobo even zips! :amuse: (I'm so easy to please.:shame: :lol:)
  14. Don't you just love looking at that leather? Mmm~!
  15. This is bad...Now I have to add Marc Jacobs to the list.:shame: